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    Comment by 'SUPERFLY1234' in media '000_0357'

    lol tramp stamp!! one of life " i should not have done that !!"
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    Blood results after 1 year

    Your endocrinologist is correct here bro. stay of gear till you have your kids then go nuts!
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    Cycle Review

    why not run 5000iu of hcg for 2 weeks during your pct. because you are running a long cycle. i found out for me, if i ran high dose of hcg during pct really helps in recovery.
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    Cycle advice

    why mix long ester with short, i would run both with long ester or both short
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    Cutting Dosage Recomendations

    what he said^^^ you do not have enough to run a cutting cycle. buy more gear!!
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    Comment by 'SUPERFLY1234' in media 'dumb2'

    dude that so fake
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    Primobolan vs Masteron

    i would run master, test, anavar and add 350mg of tren. way cheaper than primo cycle
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    Cycle advice

    first timers should run tren a, since it has a short half life and clears fast just in case you can not handle sides. but all the people i know do not have any trouble tren a.
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    HCG Necessary?

    run hcg on long cycles 14+ weeks. if your are that young and running such a short cycle the hcg is not necessary.
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    To use or not to use...that is the question

    dam c3po, really 280lbs 8% bf?? sounds too good to be true. got pictures??
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    Help me tweak this cycle (Prop, Tren, Trestolone, Msten)

    there is no need for that much gear if you'er just trying to 1 or 2 body fat percentage. just diet is all you need.
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    Help me tweak this cycle (Prop, Tren, Trestolone, Msten)

    all that gear and no diet?
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    Jay cuttler cycle here

    where's the gh????
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    Fake tren acetate

    i got fake var once. it was just winnie.
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    clembuterol women usage.

    just telll her to eat right and do cardio. save the drugs for yourself.