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  • Did you quit the 240/500 log. I was following progress and then it just disappeared. Its awesome seeing the pictures of how much the body changes from month to month when on cycle.
    Hey Ted just wonderedif you could give me any tips for a cut.
    I am training for a half marathon right now Nov 21st.
    So im only lifting twice a week at the moment.
    After the marathon I intend to go back to my weights and still do an hour steady cardio for fatloss and conditioning, i learnt that this cardio works best for me. I am a chick who tends to carry a little too much junk if i don't. I still like a little HIIT to pice things up though.
    My stats right now are 150 lbs 25 % Bf may be slightly higher.
    I am 150 lbs and trying to get down to about 130lbs for now and about 15% bf.
    i am planning on doing a hybrid lifting and HIIT days and slow steady cardio on off days with one day completely rest .
    Hey buddy just wanted to say thanks, I'm going to order some stuff at the end of the week, the only thing that sucks,,, is they don't have any hcg in stock,any ideas??
    sure when u go to ur order history?

    you will see several payment options

    I like Credit Card, they use 3rd party Alert Pay is that an option for you?

    Gen X will not how up on ur statement its all cool and when u rcv ur gears there is link under history to destroy all contact info for security

    CC work for you click on Alert pay you will have to open account with them 100% safe big reputable company takes less than 5 mins
    superted,saw you genz log and pics.impressive! now ive never ordered from online before, and not quite sure how to go about it. if you would give me few pointers or even walk me through this. i have my items in the basket from genx it says i need to authorize not sure what that means. also never used monet.y gram or western union b4. sorry for the ignorance. you always seem really willing to help this is why im contacting you. thanks in advance
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