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    Former cancer patient

    I have a friend that has been clear of cancer for 2 years now and his doctor has him on test treatment of 100mg every other week, He is wanting to run a higher dosage of 500mg a week for 10 weeks. Is this safe for him to do? He had Acute Lymphositic Leukemia and has been clear for just over 2...
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    Can my girl be getting sides from my cycle

    As I've started my cutting she's started breaking out kinda like I do at the first of my cycles, so I'm wondering because we are sexually active about 4 to 5 days a week could her breaking out be because of me? I'm only running test, masteron right now and it's not very much so I'm at a lost...
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    protine shakes

    I've been trying different protine shakes and haven't found one that I like the tast of.. so is there one that is better than the rest, or are they all pretty much the same taste and nutritional value?
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    new guy looking for direction

    that's whatI was thinking but was told by a friend that uses that it would help me lose the weight faster... I'm in the gym 5 days a week now, weights every day and about 30 min of cardio( running as long as I can) thanks for the info,and help.
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    new guy looking for direction

    I'm 38 6' 230#, I've been working out off an on over the last yea go in the gym pretty hard and have been looking at doing a cycle of just test, my concerns are, am I still to big to start a cycle with my BMI this high? should I like doing a stack chen or var with the test? I just joined the...
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    Your right, i was looking for info in gearpro, and not meant to be source checking. I'm just looking for info on them, nothing more. I've never tried anything and I'm only now starting to look into the pros and cons of trying a anabolic supplement.
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    What's a better source?
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    Does anyone know anything about GearPro? I was given their contact info from a guy at the gym, but can't find any info on them.
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    1 year 2month transformation

    Great job