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    What is up with domestic orders?

    They seem to be taken off on every website. Any reason why?
  2. trancebrah

    Next sale

    What does Primo do guys? just for my knowledge. Never read up on it, can someone give me the tl;dr version?
  3. trancebrah

    Next sale

    Test and mast
  4. trancebrah

    Will running a 2 wk cycle of clen help aid in a faster release of THC from fat cells?

    I'll get a 2 weeks notice, but I just stopped smoking and I should be good to pass a drug test within another 2 weeks or so. I decided to not hit the clen since I'm reading it's not too great for the heart.
  5. trancebrah

    Crazy Z's HYPER SPECIAL (5days)

    goddammit!!! I missed the sale
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    Low libido and Erection Dysfunction

    Hey man, I seem to be having ED problems too, and it kind of worries me because I'm only 25 years old. i can't get a full boner anymore, and if i can, I cant hold it for too long. Question, how long does the superman pills last and do they give you hard and thick erections?
  7. trancebrah

    Will running a 2 wk cycle of clen help aid in a faster release of THC from fat cells?

    Got a drug test coming up soon, pretty much out of the blue. I have probably 3 weeks to pass as a heavy smoker. I'm done with my bulking cycle so I'm thinking i might as well run some clen and get shredded. But more importantly, has anyone tried taking clen to pass a drug test? If so, how did it go?
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    Z re-seller busted?

    Same here. His gear worked for me too. No idea if it was lab or homemade, but I got no infection and great results. I was actually really happy with Z, but ordering from them any time soon is out of the picture for now. And I'm sure he can understand that.
  9. trancebrah

    Good results from Test E only cycle

    Haha you got it Surgeon bro
  10. trancebrah

    Good results from Test E only cycle

    Deny till you die, right?
  11. trancebrah

    Good results from Test E only cycle

    Yeah I actually do! I'll be kickstarting with Test Prop, do another cycle of Test E with Mast E as well. I'm going to run 750mg-1000mg/wk next time for the test. I still have to do more research on the Mast for dosages and side effects and such things. I'm taking an 8 month break from this...
  12. trancebrah

    Good results from Test E only cycle

    Sorry guys, no pics because I have a very noticeable birthmark and I don't really want people to find out about my steroid usage lol. Anyway, just a background, I started lifting 4 years ago, went from a little skinny 130lb kid to 160lb, this was all natural. I did a cycle of Test prop 3 years...
  13. trancebrah

    We need some blood work done on EP Testosterone

    I'm 7 weeks into my Test E cycle with Uncle z EP gear. I was planning on getting some blood work done soon. I'll post up results, but give me a week or two max.
  14. trancebrah

    Cheap Bloodwork - How to Get It WITHOUT Insurance

    So if I am an NJ resident but living in WV for the time being, I can't get my lab work done by these guys?
  15. trancebrah

    What are your favorite sites for PCT?

    Need to get my hands on some nolva/clomid. Preferably domestic. Might need some AI too. I didn't get gyno on my last cycle so I didn't bother buying it this time around, but nipples are getting so puffy.