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  • Hey man I placed an order over $200 and I sent an email through the site and got no reply on how to send payment info for orders over $200. Could you help me out a little bit? I've placed orders in the past prior to this $200 and over change. Thanks.
    hi tren2k14 I have a question in regards to an order I placed yesterday afternoon. Now I emailed the sales@anabolicamerica.us with my payment info and was told if I had paid prior to 2 pm mst time my order would be shipped. I went ahead and did so however up until now the current status of the order is updated only as processing. I have ordered with AA in the past and the Processing and shipping have been quick usually in the same day. my order number is 101896. Do you know what might be causing the delay? It was a small order of 2 vials prop and 2 vials tren a
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