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    Markus Ruhl 585 Shoulder Press

    your a faggot:shooter:
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    Anyone for huge nimples?

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    How Many of yous have AP'd a relative - 1st cousin or closer?

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    Gyno Reduction

    i think you gota rep like 8 other people before you can rep someone again
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    push and pull?

    thats the stupidest thing i've ever heared! all those exercises would build more mass than anything else
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    That's Racist

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    In need of 2000-3000 calories/day supplement

    oh ok i might give the frozen berries a try
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    In need of 2000-3000 calories/day supplement

    i make my own weight gain shake with- 500ml milk 2 scoops protein powder 1 cup oat meal that been put in a coffee grinder a table spoon of flaxseed oil an somtimes a bannana give that a shot i think its around 1200 calories an 70g protein
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    Question on acne

    i've just been put on doxy 50 i've been gettin bad break outs on back an shoulders so i'll c how well the doxy works
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    steroids and cycles

    why did you start another thread askin the same question? an youve already been told to have a read of the sticky first cycle an pct, did you read it?
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    Drunk as fuck!

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    Test Ethanate first time

    lol no worries mate
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    Test Ethanate first time

    i dont think there would be any difference, pinning test e every monday an thursday is just the way i like to do it.