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  • Is this zob man? You remember me bro if its you i can't see the face but the tatts look familiar

    Your a fucking monster bro. All your hard work is fkn outstanding, and i've showed you to countless bro's - you've done something great here - DISCIPLINE...better yet SELF DISCIPLINE is and incredible tool- Well down Bro.
    Glad it worked out for you. IT always works well for me and I know heavyiron likes it too.
    You will do well on log!! I feelmthe same waynsince I was picked I want to make a good showing!! Even ifmi dont win, I hope I am at least close winning!! Since I am the smaller guy I really need to put some mass on!! 5-9 175lbs 10 to 11bf. Want to finish out at 185lbs with same bf! Hope package comes in today!! Wife puting my diet plan together for me. Eat big, and lift big!! Check out some ofnthe other logs people have done for ideal! That is what I am doing!! Good luck this will be fun!!
    gonna be fun brother just need to dial in the log makeing stuff, ill be alright just dont want to let any one down
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