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  • Hi

    I am really in a problem due to a deca cycle.

    It's destroying my life.

    Could you please help me.
    hey bro.. I was reading a a few forums and read that you have used serostim. I too, just picked up a batch. I have read mixed reviews, saying saizen would be a good choice for bb instead of serostim. But i used serostim regardless. the sides were tremendous. prob because i dosed closed to the same as i would normal gh kits. swelling of ankles, hands, and added water on my stomach to the point where it almost jiggled. Is this stuff really meant for bb? maybe I should use a low dose? Some info when you can, please.. Thanks
    type "cabergoline overseas pharmacy" into google. That'll bring up several sites one of which sells HG generic (cabaser I think) at a real good price (worth stocking up). I originally bought innovative peptides caber but regret it as people say liquid form is not as effective.

    Dude is this a PM? let me know if it's not and delete it. If you could tell me how to do a PM for the future...
    Hey Bigg Dawg V!

    How are you boss?! Hope all is well as usual my man. Just wanted to see if you maybe had an update on any possible new information. Get at me on your safe-mail account when's convenient boss.

    Shootz bro
    Big Dogg V/ sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. I've been all over the place.
    I e-mailed you back through safe. You're the man.
    if nobody seen vics body, hes huge, my hero friend. no gay shit but i hope i can get traps like your brother. keep up good work brother.
    Big Dawgy, I hate to ask you again but could you check your safe-mail. Just a quick question. I'm dying bro. My connects are literally gone! I'd appreciate it!
    to a built as stone guy and true friend, hi vic. wat a inspiration to me u r i look up to you vic, even though i might be older lol.
    Hello Victor,
    just to make sure that you read my message, I would ask you how to take my HGC pregnyl, amount, time and how to inject it, intramuscular, subcutaneous?
    I take test enanhate 500 per week split in two days (250) I will do this for 8 weeks at least and I use Arimidex, just to confirm how I should take arimidex 1mg per tab?
    Thanks for your piece of advice
    Tried to spread around reputation points to other members, but it came up as given 0 reputation points-same thing when I received reps from others. Am I doing something wrong? I looked under FAQ, and it seems like I'm doing things right. Just a bit confused.
    I think it may be a glitch - I can't get approved either and I tried from home.
    Hey, I've tried 3 different IP addresses. I'm guessing they may no longer be admitting people. Is their anyway I can get your ID, or would you be willing to try and create a new ID from NYC. Maybe he hates people from Texas?
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