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    getting hungrier naturally

    Today I was so hungry because I only had one meal after a cardio session this morning. I had to take my little sister out to watch Harry Potter, but all the places we went to were sold out, so it took like 3hrs just to find a theater that wasn't sold out. When we got home I was so hungry I said...
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    Multivitamins that don't cause acne.

    Oh you know what? When I think about it, I did increase my oatmeal/brown rice intake.
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    Multivitamins that don't cause acne.

    I started a year ago when I was 17. I've been pretty much gaining knowledge and experience since I started. I noticed that when I did increase my caloric intake for bulking, I would get acne on my back/shoulders; however, none on my face. I've been pretty clear since I was 15-16, so I have no...
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    Multivitamins that don't cause acne.

    I tried looking for the certain amount of iodine that can cause it, but the sites just said that it can cause or aggravate acne. My multivitamin only contains 150mcg, which I believe is quite small.
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    Multivitamins that don't cause acne.

    Well I was searching on Google, and I read about iodine can cause acne. I checked for the ingredients on the bottle, and it did have iodine.
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    Multivitamins that don't cause acne.

    I've been taking GNC's multivitamins since it was given to me for free, but I've noticed I would breakout when I take it. I stopped taking it a week ago, and I've cleared up dramatically. I used to take Nature Made Multi Complete, but I don't think I was getting acne with it. Are there any...
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    College student on

    It looks like he gained more fat than mass. LOL!
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    Blood Pressure and Body Building

    No, personally I don't, but my mother has severe hypertension. She's now partially blinded in one eye due to hypertension, so I'm just trying to watch out. :)
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    Blood Pressure and Body Building

    Thank you very much! I'll start intaking less sodium and lifting a little lighter than usual. Thanks again. =)
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    Blood Pressure and Body Building

    For the past few weeks, I've been averaging 130-135/65-70. My training routine is HIT three days a week. Should I be careful of my blood pressure? Will body building make it worse? I'm just curious. Thanks in advance.
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    High Blood Pressure and HIT?

    So I've been on a HIT program for the past two weeks, and I've noticed that my eyes would get bloodshot red after my workouts. My mother, who has hypertension, is now partially blind in one eye due to high blood pressure. I was worried, so I checked my blood pressure a few times the past few...
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    if you sweat all day in a hot van

    You might be losing a lot of water weight, but I don't know about body fat.
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    What happened to my shoulder?

    I have those on my shoulders as well. I usually get them when I do HIT.
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    Recover quicker?

    Continue to do your athletic training man. I am bulking as well, and I do HIIT cardio on my off days and HIT in the gym. I am in the gym 3 days a week as well since I do HIT with my whole body. It would be tough to do it any more than 3 days. Your supplements seem fine. I take the same thing...
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    Best Way to Drink Water?

    I disagree P-funk. I think straight to your mouth is the best way.