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  • Thanks Yaz - product is definately legit. I knew about the separation test. Indeed it separates like it should so obviously it must be shaken prior to opening. And yes, the taste is not good to say the least so a little grapefruit juice goes a long way. My understanding is that the HG stuff has smaller crystals and therefore a shorter half life as opposed to larger crystaled veterinary product. Usually taking it close to noon and working out around 5pm - plenty of time for absorption. I'm sure the levels taper off by next morning so I'm using ED. This is the cutting phase of my cycle. I'm ending the Deca and starting the Winstrol (staying on test as well for obvious reasons lol). I can already notice the Winstrol effect in the gym, my vascularity has improved from very good to near outstanding and it's only been 4 days. My body seems to be very fond of the Depot.
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