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  1. fufu

    How to Do the Pallof Press, One of the Best Core Exercises

    Hi all, here is a video I made that is a science-based instruction on the Pallof Press, a core exercise that trains anti-rotation spinal stability: https://youtu.be/mUrATvUtPUg
  2. fufu

    Training the Side Plank to Build Superior Core Strength and Lift More Weight

    Hey all, check out this video I made on how to train the side plank to improve your lifting performance in the gym: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjTCGK2yOu4
  3. fufu

    ACSM Health Fitness Specialist

    I'm preparing to take the exam for this. Is anyone here certified as an ACSM Health Fitness Specialist? If so, can you suggest some study strategies? I just finished my kinesiology degree, so I have a very solid background in exercise. I also took a course specific to exercise testing &...
  4. fufu

    Gift ideas for a boat guy

    Hey all. I want to get a gift for my land lord. He is the fucking man. He's always been really cool and has offered me some cash-paying gigs now and then. I'm about to move out, but I want to get him something before I go to show my appreciation. He's a big boat guy. He has a large...
  5. fufu

    Stanley Cup Playoffs '12

    So, anyone going to be following this? I'll be rooting for Pittsburgh. And guess what, I think they would have a great chance, even without Crosby.
  6. fufu

    Deadlift Dynamics

    For anyone that cares to participate: 1.) What deadlift stance do you use? Be specific. e.g. narrow sumo, wide sumo, narrow conventional, wide conventional, toe angle. 2.) What is your sticking point? e.g. off the floor, midway, lockout, etc. 3.) What is your strongest point? 4.) What are...
  7. fufu

    Deadlift Puke

    Anyone ever done this? 50uWtVBwYrE
  8. fufu

    Best condom?

    Ok, what is the best condom to prevent pregnancy? Obviously some are stronger, stay on better and have more powerful spermicide. Anybody privy to what works best to keep the little swimmers from setting up shop? Gracias amigos/amigas.
  9. fufu

    Hamstring Strain Article

    Here is an article I wrote for my website blog about hamstring strains, enjoy. Why are Hamstring Strains so Common? Out of all the muscles in the human body, the muscles making up the hamstring group are especially likely to become strained. Hamstring injuries are very prevalent in sports...
  10. fufu

    Another Tazer Video

    This is guaranteed to piss you off! Elderly Man Tased 3 Times in His Home By Cops Video
  11. fufu

    lawl, I-Dosing

    i-Dosing Scare Video
  12. fufu

    Lift Strong

    First of all, I want to make it clear that this post is not spam. I think after being on this forum for almost 5 years makes that obvious enough. I recently discovered a charity called "Lift Strong". It was started, I believe, by Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove. Alwyn is an internationally renowned...
  13. fufu

    The Squat Variation Thread

    While reading a couple other threads here in the training forum I got the idea to make this one. I think it will suit most everyone here on the forum. Using my current knowledge, I thought of a bunch of squat variations and gave basic descriptions of their purposes. It is all very fundamental...
  14. fufu

    Obama's Responsibility to Gulf Oil Spill

    Concerning the recent Oil Spill in the Gulf Coast - What is Obama's responsibility as a president, really? I've seen many segments on TV and articles online about how he being criticized for his effort concerning the oil spill. But, what can he really do? Is this just people using him as a...
  15. fufu

    The Caloric Level Thread

    I have five questions for you all. 1.) What is your gender? 2.) How old are you? 3.) What do you generally set your daily caloric level at when maintaining weight? 4.) What do you generally set your daily caloric level at when losing weight? 5.) What do you generally set your daily caloric...
  16. fufu

    100 Cheesiest Movie Lines

    I was eating roflcakes the whole time. Enjoy. mTiAS7cdsYc# Direct link - YouTube - The 100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes of All Time
  17. fufu

    Headphone thread #2

    I want to buy an excellent pair of headphones. Not to have to work out, but to use for sitting down and listening to music. I'm willing to pay up to 200$. Any suggestions?
  18. fufu

    Blood drawn + exercise performance.

    So my blood was drawn for cholesterol levels + hepB test. Just two small vials. I have to get another vial drawn on Friday. I am just curious...would this yield a noticeable effect on my exercise performance? I am speaking in terms of losing red blood cells, and aerobic performance. It isn't...
  19. fufu

    Cystic Acne on Back

    Over the past few years I would occasionally develop some pimples on my very upper back. They would surface and be easily dealt with. However, I've been getting cystic acne on my back which can be pretty painful. I can't pop them because they don't surface. They are completely under the skin...
  20. fufu

    free mp3/wav converter

    I need one. Suggest please. Free cookies to the viable first suggestion!