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  1. DarkHorse

    Ambien.... Share your stories!!

    So there I was????????? after consuming a deliciously prescribed 10mg tab of Ambien, I sent my ass to bed. Then all of a sudden, at Who The Fuck Knows O??? Clock in the morning, I found myself standing in my bathroom, dick in my hand, and pissing on the wall. WTF?!? The memory is still a little...
  2. DarkHorse

    Steroid Hormones

    Here's an interesting article I found over at BOP. Introduction The steroid hormones are all derived from cholesterol. Moreover, with the exception of vitamin D, they all contain the same cyclopentanophenanthrene ring and atomic numbering system as cholesterol. The conversion of C27...
  3. DarkHorse

    How To Use D-bol

    Here's an interesting article from Biggin. He posted this on another message board and I was curious as to what you all thought. I may try using D-bol at a lower dose for a longer period of time, even though I'm not a beginner, and see what kind of results I see. I'm always open to try new...
  4. DarkHorse

    Buy Pins at Walmart

    In the state I live, you can buy pins at Walmart???s pharmacy with no questions asked. Many of you may know this already, but a few members have asked me about this, so I decided to let everyone else know who was not aware. Depending on which Walmart I've used, one store has you sign in a book...
  5. DarkHorse

    SteroidAbuse.gov Do you abuse steroids?

    What are your opinions of the information supplied by the government in regards to steroid use? Is it propaganda or does the government have a valid point? As I've read the information on these two sites, I can't help but question how it relates to my life: http://www.steroidabuse.gov/...
  6. DarkHorse

    Improve your Vocabulary

    This for all you Political Correctness Junkies :loser2: List of ethnic slurs by ethnicity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  7. DarkHorse

    Pumped to learn from the wise

    Hello Everyone! There are few things in life I enjoy more than dedicating every ounce of energy to progressing in the science of Bodybuilding. I look forward to learning from all of you and spreading my knowledge in any way possible.