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  1. johnsonl3872

    Iron Lion HGH Puretropin log

    Hey everybody! It is log time again. This one is going to be pretty long as it is best to run these at least 6 months to see great results. Starting stats are: Age: 49 Weight: 195 Height: 5’10 BF%: I’m fat Now there will probably be times I run Test higher than TRT levels or add in another...
  2. johnsonl3872


    A lot of guys ask me.....why do I trust Iron Lion so much? Well...at first I didn't...but I tested, tested and tested again......well guess what? Guys I am done testing! I am a believer..... Fyi-theses are the tests I took of Puretropin in 2016 alone!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. johnsonl3872

    Iron Lion Sponsored Summer Log

    All- I am interested in what everyone thinks I should do for a new cycle. This will primarily be a cut cycle. The only constant will be 5iu of IL Puretropin hgh and some T4.....oh and TRT dose of test. I am 44......16-18%BF......190lbs..... Current pics (today): Sent from my iPhone using...
  4. johnsonl3872

    Hgh Test Results

    Brothers- I have been taking Puretropin for quite some time now. However, at one point I was very skeptical of all generics. Because of this I got tested. I wanted to do this right so I got my baseline Hgh tested first. After a few weeks I got back on Puretropin and tested again. These were...
  5. johnsonl3872

    New Rep

    Hello everyone! I wanted to introduce myself as a new rep for Iron Lion. I have been a long time customer of theirs and when they asked me to take this on I jumped at the chance. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I am a big believer in Iron Lion and their...
  6. johnsonl3872

    Journey to perfect physique journal

    Hello all- I am going to be starting a journal keeping track of what I am doing gym wise and partially my diet. My goal is to add some upper body mass while at the same time keeping my body fat low. As of today I am 5'10 185lbs and 43 years old. I think my body fat is somewhere around...
  7. johnsonl3872

    Feedback on a new lab

    Hey all-just wanted to give some feedback on a couple products from a new lab. Not sure if allowed to post in AZ but since they don't sponsor yet wasn't sure where. Anyway-the lab is XXX -got some TNE and Test Cyp. The TNE is great-used 2 hours prior to workout and definitely helped me get...
  8. johnsonl3872

    TB 500 Question

    Does anyone know where I can get this? I hear it helps aid in recovery.
  9. johnsonl3872

    Thanks GRAnabolic!

    Got these in the mail last night after winning contest (minus one I used already)! Thanks again guys!
  10. johnsonl3872

    Cycle advice

    Hello all! Trying to figure out what to run in my next cycle. Stats-I am 5'10 180lbs 15% body fat and 42 years old. My last cycle I ran Winstrol, Test cyp and Tren. I think I was able to lose a lot of fat while still retaining my strength. My current goal is to gain about 15lbs of lean...
  11. johnsonl3872

    Fastest Ugl in US

    Who has decent gear that has a quick TA domestically? Can someone PM me some names? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. johnsonl3872

    General Question

    Ok not sure if I am allowed to ask this so excuse me if I am not. Can someone PM me the name of a UGL with decent products and quick domestic turnaround? Less than 3 weeks? If this is better put in another forum sorry just delete this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. johnsonl3872

    Question about Nolvadex

    I was wondering about when to take Nolvadex. I already know that I have a tendency to retain water during a cycle. Would it make sense to just take Nolvadex the entire cycle or just to deal with the water retention and save it for PCT?
  14. johnsonl3872

    Advice from partiers

    I am curious how other guys do it. I am like most people I go out on the weekends from time to time stay up late, drink and party the night away. This causes major issues later when trying to do any kind of a decent workout. I know some of you can hang, any advice?
  15. johnsonl3872

    Getting bigger

    Wanted to see what you guys are doing when you hit a plateau? I have tried everything to get beyond a certain point, most recently using Tren E in my cycle (bad plan). I am 40 so I hope the answer isnt just that Im getting old......
  16. johnsonl3872

    Advice on cycle

    I was wondering if anyone has experience using Tren E? I am currently running 200mg a week with Test E at 600mg. The problem I am having is an elevated heart rate during the week. Not only that but I am tired all the time. This is very unusual for me because I am usually hyper. Is this...
  17. johnsonl3872

    New Member

    Hello-New member here. Mainly seeking advice and looking for tips. Having a not so terrific cycle going now so will welcome insight.