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  1. hardasnails1973

    whey protein from china

    My girlfriend dad saw on the news last night that there was a debate of possible chinese trying to poisioning us selling inferior whey protein. He throw out everything with whey protein on label and she was taking musclemilk and stopped taking. When she told me this I thought it was a joke and...
  2. hardasnails1973

    oral sex -

    From a bibilical stand point do you see oral sex as sex before marriage No where in the bible can I find a corretlation to this. Just want your peoples opinoins are. I tihnk its a good topic for debate !!
  3. hardasnails1973

    hidden estrogens

    And i wondering why the hell I was pissing out xylene at high amounts well i believe I found my answer. I have been detoifying my liver with calcium d glucurate and glucodonic acid, as well as my other protocols. What else can be done to help flush these out? Xenoestrogens and Your Health...
  4. hardasnails1973

    before using glutamine read this

    WHY ORNITHINE ALPHA-KETOGLUTARATE AND NOT GLUTAMINE? "Why should we go to the trouble of using ornithine alphaketoglutarate: why not use glutamine itself? Oral glutamine certainly maintains muscle in catabolic patients. There are six reasons all of them important to athletes. First, as we saw...
  5. hardasnails1973

    who wants to get called out

    i found this pretty cool site http://mr-olympia-2006.ronnie.cz/callouts/
  6. hardasnails1973

    Match.com DAting service scams

    I belong to Match.com and I have been getting these emails from these girls trapped in nigeria or on business They are english descnet, orphans yadda,parents died in car accident no suriving relatives. I love to fuck with them pretending to be my mom or dad telling them after a week of meeting...
  7. hardasnails1973

    undermethylation and bodybuilding

    TRouble I have been researching alot of your post on methylation liver pathways and supplementation. i think all of the people concerned with well eing and health need to be aware of this because it could be difference in living a happy and healthy life vs one filled with anxiety and poor...
  8. hardasnails1973

    Excellent site for interaction of minerals, vitamins, bodily systems

    There is alot of information on this web site that has helped me alot in understanding the hormony of the human body, and could help you answer some of the questions you seek. It does take time to understand it and most of people are looking for a quick fix instead of understanding is actually...
  9. hardasnails1973

    Could being adopted be an explaination of some of our behaviors

    Trouble could you possible elaborate on how adopted childerns behavior differ from normal birth. i would be curious to know because it could shed light on alot of my behavior patterns and may be help other people better understand them selves as well. I wonder if adopted or abdandon childern...
  10. hardasnails1973

    mother told you to eat fruits and veggies..

    Potassium regulates plasma testosterone and renal ornithine decarboxylase in mice. Sanchez-Capelo A, Cremades A, Tejada F, Fuentes T, Penafiel R. Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Murcia, Spain. Potassium deficiency produced different effects...
  11. hardasnails1973

    Good article every bodybuilder should read
  12. hardasnails1973


    is it me or has yahoo been fucked up all day
  13. hardasnails1973

    You know what is really mean..

    Creating a myspace profile of a guy that really pissed you off and labeling as bisexual looking for a good time and then listing his telephone number. To add to the humilation I send out invitations to people that he knows on myspace to be added as his freind. To this day he never figured out...
  14. hardasnails1973

    Has bigdyl been reincarnated?

    How many of you think Kefe is the reincarnation of Bigdyl :banned:
  15. hardasnails1973

    cooking with olive oil

    Is cooking with even EVO with a person with liver/bile acid problems/low antioxident not a good Idea due to the chance that it could cause possible lipid perioxidation or ths is chopfuck as trouble would put it ? Just want to know the facts..getting mixed information I also soaked some raw...
  16. hardasnails1973

    glucose tolerance test - results not like expected

    Here are glucose tolerance test results fasting insulin 4 <17 range fasting glucose 80 1 hour 156 2 hours 62 3 hours 44 igf-1 high normal lactic acid level perfect Do understand that I have not had this much sugar at one time in more then 2 years. Could it be possible that it was a shock...
  17. hardasnails1973

    glutamine the hidden conversion within

    Trouble has well informed us many times at the conversion of glutamine/glutamate toxicity and NMDA receptors. This articles just nicely backs up everything she has been notifying us of. Thought it might be of interest. With the increase of glutamine supplementation by bodybuiders we need to...
  18. hardasnails1973

    copper deficiency

    I just got my labs test back and serum copper and ceruoplasm were low. What are the effects of a proven copper deficiency and how would it impact ones metabolism, digestion, anabolism? I beleive the reasoning for the low levels were too many antagonistic factors sulfur, lipoic, acid, excess...
  19. hardasnails1973

    Stress and affects on body

    With the increase of demand in society today people are more vulnerable to the effects of stress. Stress does not just have to be emotional, but could also be enviromental,metabolic,chemical. No matter what type of the stress the body will handle it pretty much same way. Hopefully this article...
  20. hardasnails1973

    Return of hardasnails

    Yes, People i have begun training again and things are getting better slowly from tragedy of drs not knowing what end is up. Any way I am not focusing on the past but only to a bigger stronger, smarter future. Over my down time I have learned more nutrition than people will learn in a life...