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  1. rayray1295

    How bout the hottest g.i. Janes?

    ok now lets try and see how many skint head beauties we can post up.:winkfinger:im gona try and see if i can figure out how to post pics but til then you guys get started.
  2. rayray1295

    Lets see some red heads!!!!

    i really dont know why but last night i thought about how many beautiful red heads they were in the world.i wana see how many sexy red head pics you guys can post.ok let the fun begin.:lick:
  3. rayray1295

    bad news about p-man

    listen up guys i just wanted to give you guys a heads up and let you know i placed a order wt p-man on a thurs,he emaild me and told me it would fly the next thurs.well now its the following tues and i have not got a responce back from him or have my order.im not saying he a scam but so far i...
  4. rayray1295

    Having problems with the websight!!!

    ive tryed to get the websight to load when i clik us dom or z-line but im not getting anything but a blank whit page.anybody having the same trouble?:hmmm:or am i a tard:wacko: