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  1. OMEGAx

    Post your coolest new music for our cycles :)

    Celldweller - Frozen - YouTube Celldweller - "Switchback" - Live Upon a Blackstar Blu-Ray/DVD - YouTube I like to update with good stuff, so please share :) oh go PSL!
  2. OMEGAx

    Bodies Developed by PSL Euro-Line and OMEGA

    As you guys might know ive been involved in the community for years, and these are examples of Clients in recent history developed by THE EU Lines PERFECT Professional Grade gear and to a lesser extent me...........Enjoy
  3. OMEGAx

    NON AAS induced anabolic/anticatabolic cascade....PSL non AAS run

    Used in a Super PCT, or non hormonal run to allude drug tests, or just for those who do not wish to use AAS coming soon :) and all ingredients available in the PSL store as well :)
  4. OMEGAx

    The Perfect Tren Cyle for Novices using PSL EU line Anavar is KEY

    Most run just Test with Tren, but Anavar is the KEY For Best result PIN everyday:daydream: The reason Why Test + Tren is a bad cycle is because evidence shows that Test ran above HRT doses causes collagen breakdown in males. This on top of the radical strength gains Tren Causes is a recipe...
  5. OMEGAx

    EU line is simply one of the best

    So glad this line is available, the quality is bar none and presentation. Its an honor to rep for you guys :)
  6. OMEGAx

    Jason Genova with IronMagLabs? Absoltuly Sickening........

    Jason Genova flaunts his new sponsorship & trains chest!! - YouTube I have always said it..........the moment this guy actually has some Hormones to support his great training and diet, he will BLOW UP............. Someone please keep this kid injury free. safe, and rocking a solid PCT each...
  7. OMEGAx

    Girls can smell other girls on you, I hate it

    So Im not the ugliest guy in the world, but I am not pretty either. So I get some play but not nearly enough lol Every time a girl finally shows interest, then 2 others DO TO! every time! and then I have to juggle.........which I feel is immoral So my question is it pheromone related? or tied...
  8. OMEGAx

    When these guys die were scrwed

    https://www.grc.com/sr/whatitdoes.htm In the tube hes selling a product of course, but I often wonder if guys like this wrote a true book of the flaws of the Web Today. what would come of it?
  9. OMEGAx

    Why do I love this chick?

  10. OMEGAx

    Just saw somone on Doctor OZ completly plagirize Twin Peaks Carb Cycling diet

    Pathetic...... This one: http://www.ironmagazineforums.com/diet-nutrition/119105-twin-peaks-carb-cycling.html? They copid the High An Low carb Day to the T. I figure they left out the no carb day since that would be OVERT plagiarism........
  11. OMEGAx

    Cool Band found on YouTube

    found them on accident, they are from Spain Nodrama - Visions - YouTube New Metal 2012 Nodrama - Waiting - YouTube
  12. OMEGAx

    only Guidos, Peurto Rican, and Columbian belive this

    " Its not gay if you not the one receiving it" I heard this I can cant say how many times from those 3 groups of Peeps. Appently if you go to jail and a guy blows you or you give it to him your not gay
  13. OMEGAx

    If you were a song which one would you be?

    This would be me: Imagine The Fire - YouTube
  14. OMEGAx

    how does one become a Mod here?

  15. OMEGAx

    Really unhappy with e Season end of Breaking Bad

    Gales book on the toilet? WTF So now I guess Walt is cooked?
  16. OMEGAx

    Would any of you Hit this Granola Chick?

  17. OMEGAx

    Attraction between sexes must be pheramone related

    Yesterday was at a party and for some reason I was attracted to this girl, did not know her, other then that she is a lawyer. Within 5 minutes Of talking I knew she felt something too. And out of no where I decided to make a move, literally went right up against her and said " I like you and I...
  18. OMEGAx

    Post a pic of the last Girl you had "relations with"

    Me, about 3 months ago: Im doing pretty good, but am seeking a relationship, last GF I had was about 2 years ago and she was special....... trouble is younger girls like me now which is not my cup of tea
  19. OMEGAx

    Awsome Live Rock Show of In Flames

    In Flames - Used and Abused (Full DVD) - YouTube Superb Band, and this tube shows it
  20. OMEGAx

    Anyone have luck with the good old Chest and Back routine?

    Its the only routine Ive never done, and am looking for feedback