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  1. seabiscuit hogg

    Hogg's ILM Turkesterone log

    In this log I'm going to see how the IML turkesterone does for retaining gains in between cycles. I'm old so I'll be on 100 mgs test cyp(trt) while off. If you younger bros try this do a pct. If you blast & cruise, nevermind. I believe the leverage from pumps helps a bit with doing bigger...
  2. seabiscuit hogg

    Hogg's IML Super 1-Andro and 4-Andro log

    When I finished my Super 1-Andro log I Bought these. https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/q609/ricandy52/20220310_131501.jpg After doing a pct of sorts, I did the Turkesterone log. Anyway, it's been long enough between cycles and I wanted to up the testosterone by adding in Super 4-Andro. I...
  3. seabiscuit hogg

    Hogg's IML Super 1-Andro log

    First of all, thanks to macedog and IML for letting me log this. I noticed the strength gains that I got on the front end of my Lean AF log and kinda figured the 1-andro had a lot to do with it. In the past I got crazy strength gains with other 1-andro products but the lethargy was kinda...
  4. seabiscuit hogg

    Hoggman gets lean and mean with IML Lean AF

    First thing I want to say thanks to Macedog and Ironmaglabs for the opportunity to log this. I tore a pec awhile back and my bench went to less that the bar. That's right, I couldn't bench the bar. When could bench the bar, I started training one ten per side and eventually got to where I am...
  5. seabiscuit hogg

    IML R-andro and 4-andro lean gainer log

    I started this one today because I couldn't wait. This isn't sponsored I just wanted to continue working on getting my bench back. When I did the oral R-andro log, I was benching in the 300+ realm quite regularly. Repair of the torn pec is coming along well. Of course the sponsored Gear cream...
  6. seabiscuit hogg

    Ironmaglabs Gear Creme power recomp

  7. seabiscuit hogg

    Dream n grow question

    How much melatonin is in Dream n Grow? I already take melatonin and don't wanna take too much.