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    got my armi, and clomid today love uncle z thanks u guys be getting ahold of ya again promise
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    letrozole for gyno

    it's mild gyno been having for few months due to bunk ai but will legit letro reverse it and is there anyway to run it wo being completely shut down and exhausted, oh recon shit is legit I promise that
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    just ordered

    just got armidex and letrozole bc having serious gyno issues, do I need run both together or just one please help guys and also thanks uncle z I went to u guys because I'm for sure ur stuff is legit because while reason I have gyno atm is bc I went w blue sky peptides and it's absolute trash...
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    letrozole w anastazole

    so I have both i been having issues w gyno flaring should I run both or the armidex on cycle and letrozole off for put w my clomid please help guys, I'm running 750mg test e a week w 250mg ten
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    ai and clmidiphes

    I'm ordering clomid and armidex right now and I know uncle z has Always been solid is it the same for the ais and shit
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    reccon peptides legit

    just ordered me someone whose used there ais, need it to be gyno flaring bad from blueskies garbage
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    anyone used reccon yet

    need it to be legit anyone whose used please say so I'm in trouble gyno flairing up from using blueskies garbage
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    research chems still available

    due to covid what places r still filing orders for ai and tamoxifen please need info asap thanks bros
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    Places filling orders for research chems

    Can someone please give me info what places r still filling orders for ai and tamoxifen due to this covid, please help