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  1. MJH

    Baby Got Back!

    Yes I started another journal but jumped all over the place on my diet so this time I'm starting a Baby Got Back journal to stay. Obviously my training is going to be based on the Baby Got Back program that was written by WBB member Built. Basically the split is as follows: 1- Horizontal...
  2. MJH

    Ripped, Rugged, and Dense

    Even though I have used the Baby Got Back program in the past with great success, after talking with who wrote that program, I decided to switch it up a bit. Considering my goals and my current bodyfat % it seems that another program called Ripped, Rugged, and Dense would much better suit what...
  3. MJH

    Baby Got Back

    I decided to start back up a journal here at IM and stray from WBB where I was posting for a while. I like the crowd over here better, seem to get better support over here. Even though the program that I'm using was started over at WBB, whatever. The program is called Baby Got Back, and was...
  4. MJH

    Blah Blah Blah

    I was doing P/RR/S and it was going great but honestly at this point in my life I'm partying too much to carb cycle seriously and train on a strict program. So I'm going to be randomly changing it up in the gym going a bit lighter, to give my body somewhat of a break since I won't always have...
  5. MJH

    Three IM Members You'd Like to Train With

    Had to start a similar topic. :)
  6. MJH

    M.J.H.'s Journal: P/RR/S + Carb Cycling

    I've decided since its April now, to start my pre-summer training/diet. I always drop a few pounds of water weight right before summer. No real reason basically just for hell of it each year. Anyway, my training is going to be a program that everyone here at IM is very familiar with, P/RR/S...
  7. MJH

    Stick With Westside or Switch to P/RR/S?

    Obviously everyone on this forum swears by P/RR/S, and I don't doubt its effectiveness. But Westside is so tried and true, and my progress on it has always been nothing shot of awesome. Its just that part of me anymore is a little tired of all the lower back stress all of the time. In reality...
  8. MJH

    If You Could Do Just ONE Chest Exercise?

    Which would it be and why? Vote! :thumb:
  9. MJH

    Deadlift Video: Pulling 585 Off the Platform!

    http://media.putfile.com/MJH-platform-585-x-1 I'm pretty sure this link works, sorry the video is upside down it was taken with my camera phone. The platform is 3-4" by the way. :thumb: Those of you who are familiar with deadlifts know that pulling from a platform is in fact harder, it extends...
  10. MJH

    Sexual Health Forum

    I think it should be seriously cleaned up, or removed completely. Just my $.02. The crowd that it seems to attract isn't the knowledgeable bodybuilding/fitness crowd the rest of the site promotes, IMO.
  11. MJH

    M.J.H.'s Journal: Walking On the Westside!

    M.J.H.'s Journal: Walking On the Westside! Most of you know me from before, I'm actually a member from way back. In case you don't know, 22 years old, 5'11", 220-225 lbs. give or take depending how my diet is, lol. Bodyfat is right around 10% or so, and I'm training on a program called Westside...