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  1. Road Warrior

    Test Prop

    Hey guys need some advice here, I'm gonna start a Test Prop cycle soon and I'm just wondering how many cc's/mg a week I should take and for how many weeks? I have only done Test E cycles so im new to Prop, I'm currently 198 5'10'' bf 13%. My goal is to get my strength up and reach 215 lbs at...
  2. Road Warrior

    Test E in System

    Hey does anyone know how long Test E stays in ur system after ur last injection date? Thanks
  3. Road Warrior

    Need advice on Mass Gain cycle

    Hey guys, thought I would ask the experts for advice on this. I need some input on putting together a mass gaining cycle. Right now I am 190 and have a goal of getting to 215-220. Training and diet is not a concern for me as I have those down pretty good. Stats Height 5'10'' Weight 190-193...
  4. Road Warrior

    NCAA Allowed Supplements

    Hey guys I am trying to Find out what Supplements are allowed by the NCAA and are not banned Substances. I would prefer brand names and other detailed information. Thanks
  5. Road Warrior

    My Gyno Problem

    So I noticed that I was sufferining from gyno (Lump not fat) about two weeks ago. Since then I started supllementing zinc and natural test (Terribulis and foods that increase test) I have been noticing that it has started o shrink? Is this natuarl and does any one know if it will keep shrinking...
  6. Road Warrior

    Letrozole Precription

    Has anyone ever been prescribed Letrozole(Femara) for their Gyno by their Doctor?
  7. Road Warrior

    Viagra used for lifting

    Would this not Screw with people who do not have E.D?
  8. Road Warrior

    Gyno Fighting Supplement

    Does anyone know of a supplement that prevents and reduces Gyno. Something that you could get at popeyes, gnc etc....
  9. Road Warrior

    Stretch Mark Removal

    Can anybody please help me with Strecth Marks from Muscle Growth. I have them were the pec meets the shoulder and on the inside of my arms. Thanks
  10. Road Warrior

    Rate my Training Routine

    Monday, (Arms) Biceps- Arm Curls 3x8 Hammer Curls 3x6 Preacher Curls 3x10 Triceps- French Press 3x8 Skull Crushers 3x6 Pull Downs 3x8...