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  1. KelJu

    I found an OTC SARM vendor.

    http://www.centurionlabz.com/ They are selling LGD-4033 and mk-2866 in a pill. I bought 30 bottles and are selling them at our store. Feedback has been good, but I don't know if the pills are legit or if customers are having placebo. Either way, I wonder how much trouble these people could get...
  2. KelJu

    How to be a Gym Hater!

  3. KelJu

    MMA Fighter WarMachine is being hunted by law enforcement for beating his girlfriend

  4. KelJu

    Look at this cat ride a skateboard and do tricks!

    http://imgur.com/gallery/FJCaY No fucking way!
  5. KelJu

    Hi-Tech sued the FDA. In the meantime they are selling products with DMAA.

    http://www.nutraingredients-usa.com/Regulation/Hi-Tech-sues-FDA-over-bullying-campaign Hi-Tech is a local company and we sell their products in our store. Their thermogeneics are very popular, but I couldn't figure out why they contained DMAA (1,3-Dimethylamylamine). As many of you know. DMAA...
  6. KelJu

    Need help from a rep ASAP fixing one of my retarded mistakes

    I need to fix shipping info on an order before it ships. Can someone get back to me asap. Sorry about this, and thanks in advance.
  7. KelJu

    Site Down?

    I haven't been able to access all day. Is everything okay?
  8. KelJu

    I jerked off for 30 hours in a 3 day period.

    Broke up with someone I that was seeing for a few months. Not exactly a long relationship, but it still hurt a little when things went south. We had made plans for the 4th which never happened, so I stayed home all weekend drowning my sorrows in masturbation. I jerked off for 30 hours. My dick...
  9. KelJu

    Ban Niggers, Not Guns

    Saw this on Reddit and thought it was pretty funny. Anybody know if there is any truth to it? Sounds a little bit off to me that if you subtracted gun crimes committed by black Americans from the statistics that our gun crime rates would be the same as socialist countries.
  10. KelJu

    Need advice on a counterforce elbow brace.

    My elbow has been a nagging issue for me for months. It flares up, and then it goes away. However, my recent flare up is not going away. It is getting worse. Taking a break from training is not an option, not with the compounds I have running through my system. Seems like a counterforce brace...
  11. KelJu

    Balls to the Wall: KelJu's Z log

    I have been a Z customer for a while now. I really believe in their stuff. I have turned numerous friends onto uncleZ, and they have made great progress on Z's gear. I made pretty nice improvements on some pretty low doses of their gear as well. Now, I have been given the opportunity to log a...
  12. KelJu

    Gay Modeling

    Yeah I did that shit! It paid pretty good, and I was broke. You closet homosexuals will probably soon be seeing me on the front page of gay hookup sites when you are cruising for dick.
  13. KelJu

    How long do tren boners last?

    I upped my trenbolone enanthate dose from 100 to 400. Now I have a boner almost all of the time. For the past week I have been sporting a chubby nearly all day. It ranges from semi erect to bull blown raging boner. I got one today picking out fruit at the grocery store. It fucking hurts...
  14. KelJu

    Thanks guys, pack received

    My second order from you guys arrived on time. Thanks again. Also, I placed a third order on a friend's behalf, so I am sending people your way. I appreciate the good service.
  15. KelJu

    Why do some people recommend a 2:1 ration of ghrp to cjc1295?

    If the saturation dose is 1mcg per kg of body weight, why do people say use a 2:1 ratio? That would be 100mcg of ghrp to 50mcg cjc1295. It doesn't make sense to me. Running 200mcg ghrp to 100mcg cjc1295 seems like wasting half of the ghrp. Wouldn't it make sense to just buy more vials of...
  16. KelJu

    I need a good prostate formula

    I have an enlarged prostate. I have had it since my teens. It runs in my family. Nearly every male has it, and all of us piss like 20 times a day. Now that I am on gears, it is even fucking worse. I had been taking a saw palmetto and pygeum extract and it was working. Now, it isn't. I don't...
  17. KelJu

    Severe Muscle ache and fatigue during training.

    This is a new one for me. I have trained off and on for a long time, and I have never felt anything like this. It starts off like a really good pump, but turns into a awful burning sensation. My muscular endurance has dropped, and I get cramps really easily. This morning I caught a cramp in my...
  18. KelJu

    Moneygram questions

    Moneygram held my transfer until I verified additional information. They asked me how I knew the receiver, I told them we were online friends. They asked why I was sending the money, and I told them the money was just to help a friend out. After waiting on hold, they then informed me that...
  19. KelJu

    Joining a fetish community

    I recently started going to social gatherings for people into fetishes. Most of it is BDSM, but it also includes any fucked up perverted shit you could imagine. I am talking to a girl who is a submissive and a masochist. She is not all that hot, but she is fucking warped, and I am insanely...
  20. KelJu

    Need PCT advice please

    I am on week 9 of a fairly low dose 10 week cycle made up up the following: 100mg Tren weekly 100mg Sust 250 weekly 100mg Deca weekly I figured that a cycle this weak, I could get by only using tamoxifen and hcg for pct. The issue where it gets tricky is I have decided to make a second order...