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  1. cg89


    I have mono and haven't been in the gym in 2 months, i am now frail and depressed all my hard work for my summer psychic is all ruined. No joke I lost 25lbs of muscle. Had 101-104 degree fevers for 10 days now I'm on prednisone 20mg and all i do is have night sweats fucking Tren never have me...
  2. cg89

    Good Excuses

    Okay I need help with a good excuse. I was at the last stage to get hired and i knew their would be a drug test but they said we would pick appointments to go to a doctor and get a little more done than a physical including bloodwork, (so i thought thats where the drug test would obviously be...
  3. cg89

    Would you rather?

    You have to choose one...be honest suicide isn't a option you have to do it there is no way around it. Would you rather drink a cup of your mother's period blood, or a cup of your fathers jizz. Both filled to the brim. GO!
  4. cg89

    madmann picture

    post your favorite madman photo since he doesn't juice and just gets off on getting on others over the internet oh yeah your daughter is a whore
  5. cg89

    Weight Training Speech

    Okay I have to do a speech on weight training heres what i got so far edited this is my outline Speech #2 Weight Training Introduction: 74.6% of americans are over weight. Common Mistakes Weak Diet- too big/ too small, not right foods Too many supplements- you need food, too...
  6. cg89

    Who is this?

    any ideas?
  7. cg89

    gyno flare up?

    I've been off cycle for about 12 weeks now and i'd say within the last month i received gyno like nickel sized ones in both nips and its tender is this uncommon? time for letro
  8. cg89


    Site looks familiar to WP...jus saying..prices do too!!
  9. cg89

    best peptide to add to cycle?

    Im interested in running a peptide along my test, deca, dbol cycle that i will start within the next moth. Im not very familiar with peptides i just stared doing research on IGF-1 LR3 seems like it would be a good fit? 4 weeks at 100mcg EOD?EDIT: just read that it only works in the area where...
  10. cg89

    This is fucking crazy

    1. Stare at the red dot on the girl???s nose for 30 seconds 2. Turn your eyes towards the wall/roof or somewhere else on a plain surface 3. Keep blinking your eyes quickly !! 4. Have your mind blown it really works its crazy
  11. cg89

    Sexiest female member

    Okay lets do it... everyone has this fascination with that bowl dyke cellar door hate to break it to you...Miss Springsteen is the sexiest member as of January 12, 2012 5:20 PM EST. (subject to change without notice at any moment in time)
  12. cg89

    Best Mass/Size Gaining Cycle?

    23 weeks until summer boys now is the best time to run a cycle for 12 weeks because june 20th is the first day of summer 12 on 12 off means june 20th roughly you can run a nice summer 8 week cycle too (perfect timing) ;) Now to get geared up...my original plan was: Week 1-4 IML DecaDrolMax 3...
  13. cg89

    Sucks to be her dad!

    Video: Really!?! damn marry me...seriously no joke she's talented.
  14. cg89

    Hell Raiser Training

    Bodybuilding.com - HRT: Animal Hellraiser Trainer - Series Overview - Bodybuilding.com looks very interesting i think i might do that along with a 12 week bulking cycle
  15. cg89

    Thats impressive

    looking through the lab tests shits overdosed ;) I ordered back in summer when shipping was shit looking forward to putting another order in soon as you guys re-open.
  16. cg89

    body aches?

    Okay for a tad bit i've been having body aches like if i were to put my hands up and stretch my right or left side of my abdomen would have pain. When I breathe sometimes by my rib cage hurts a tad bit. these aren't really painful pains just annoyances anyone else have these? Like last 2 cycles...
  17. cg89

    TRT Question

    Why does everyone say oh you don't want to be on TRT for life? I know you hit "down" periods which I'm guessing includes depression if you don't time your injections right, but I love test not saying its a goal to get on TRT lol its not but if it happens to me right now I don't think it would be...
  18. cg89

    To all the Jews

    have fun eating shitty chineese food tomorrow remember that isn't chicken, pork, or beef its cats and dogs
  19. cg89

    What About This Idea?

    Next cycle looks like week 1-4 Anadrol 50mged week 1-10 test prop 100ED Week 1-10 Npp 500mg/wk What about adding IMLabs Deca-Drol Max for week 1-4?? not liver toxic sound like a good idea?
  20. cg89


    Any sales coming soon putting in a order soon for some anadrol npp prop