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  1. SloppyJ

    What PH are you stocking up on before the ban?

    Just wondering what everyone is going after since this might be the last time to get some of your favorite prohormones. Waiting for the fire sales to start......
  2. SloppyJ

    Anyone have peer reviews articles on exogenous test and male fertility?

    Been off for 6 months now and going to try and conceive a baby around July. I want to run a cycle but not sure if it will interfere. I can wait but you know how it goes. Everyone always says "yeah I got my wife pregnant while I was on" that's cool but I'm looking for scientific data. But real...
  3. SloppyJ

    What's new in this bitch?

    Been away for a while while I was living the dream. I see the captn is still king jew-nasty and AP is still slinging kosher gearz and KOS hung around through everyone's shit. Please tell me Azza finally chocked on an underage dick and died. And speaking of king jew, prince sure upped the ad...
  4. SloppyJ

    Methylated Orals Causing Stomach Issues?

    I've been using orals since my first cycle and I haven't had one single problem. This went on for a few years then all of the sudden I can't take them anymore. It started on my last cycle of Test/Tren/Mast last summer. I would get this awful bloated mess going on. I would be burping like crazy...
  5. SloppyJ

    Do you even lift?

    Do You Even Lift? - YouTube
  6. SloppyJ

    Sandals Resorts?

    Anyone ever been? Thinking of going to Antigua in the spring for a honeymoon. Just trying to see how other people liked it? I don't really drink that much so that's not appealing to me. However the free food is highly appealing. I'm more interested in wind surfing, diving and things like that...
  7. SloppyJ

    Acne on back of neck and hair?

    WTF? I never have had acne problems at all. I had a little break out on my first cycle. Then as I did more cycles it kept getting worse. First time I used tren my upper back/trap/shoulder area broke out. Now this cycle I have that same problem but it moved up the back of my neck and my...
  8. SloppyJ

    How did you propose to your wife?

    Just thought this could be a funny thread. I'm in the situation right now of trying to think of ways to make this experience as special as possible. Any thoughts on doing it on MY birthday? Or should it be on its own seperate day? So how did you do it? Give us the story. How did it turn out...
  9. SloppyJ

    Who has experience with running nandrolone and tren together?

    Two 19-nors at the same time, this is commonly referred to as a horrible idea and irresponsible. But on the other hand many people have said that they enjoyed the two together. Some people have commented that they switched from NPP to Tren ace and the overlap time was magical. I was just curious...
  10. SloppyJ

    DP Cut-mix and DP Adex

    Waiting on results. Right now I am currently running 1.5ml of DP cut mix ED along with an extra 25mg of mast on top. I am running .5mg of DP adex ED as well. My Adex dosing has been kind of sporadic lately. I mainly just wanted to see if the adex is legit or not so yesterday I took 1mg total...
  11. SloppyJ

    Severe Indigestion and Upset Stomach from gear?

    Anyone ever had this happen to them? I've been taking cut mix ED. 1.5ml with an extra 50mg of mast on top along with other orals. I've taken prop, and tren before at doses higher than this. The only thing in my stack that I've never taken before is mast p. Could mast be responsible for this...
  12. SloppyJ

    EK's Hyge's

    So I'm not sure about Heavy but I got some goodies to test for you guys. These Hyge's come from EK. We have been wanting to test them and see how they stack up. EK wanted it to be unbiased so Heavy should be testing his soon. This is going to be a monumental test. This will allow us to see...
  13. SloppyJ

    Just Burnt Out.....

    What the hell do you guys do when you just feel burnt out? School, Work, and everything inbetween and not enough time to do it. No energy and in a pissy mood all the time with no light at the end of the tunnel. I used to be motivated and outgoing. Now I just do enough to get by. Maybe I just...
  14. SloppyJ

    Any Vet's or Cat people? Hell anyone that knows about gastrointestinal problems?

    Let me start off by saying I'm not a cat person. My GF is. So I guess that makes me a cat person. :roflmao: I never had a cat growing up and was taught to hate them because no one in my family liked them. Long story short, I got a siamese kitten for my GF. It was around 8 weeks old. Really cool...
  15. SloppyJ

    Win Free prizes from multiple sponsors.

    EK is throwing a spring cutter challenge and we are looking for dedicated contestants to enter. There are prizes for the top two winners and more prizes in the works as we speak. Here is a link to the page...
  16. SloppyJ

    Tupperware Recommendations for Preparing Food 3-4 Days in Advance?

    Hey guys. I'm not sure if this is even a good question. I just have shitty plastic tupperware. But I start my cut diet on monday and I am in need of some good tupperware. I am a student so the more compact and packable the better. I will also be microwaving them to heat up my food. Anyone have...
  17. SloppyJ

    Novotropin and Thanktropin

    Yup it's about to get nasty up in this thread. Lets see once and for all which one is the best. And is the price difference really worth it? Going to try and get one test out of the way this week and the next test will be done at the beginning of next week. Here are the test subjects:
  18. SloppyJ

    Mac issues when clicking to see what post rep was given for.

    I have noticed that on my windows based machine at work when I click "Here" to see what post I was given rep for it takes me to the specific post. When I'm on my mac which consists of 75% of my computer usage, this feature does not work. Do I need to download some kind of software or make sure...
  19. SloppyJ

    Kigtropin Test Results

    So I finally got my results back in. Turns out the are completely bunk and contain no GH what so ever. Pretty disappointed seeing as how I have a bunch of these. I contacted the sponsor and they said they quit sending replacements on March 1st and offered me a discount on another order. I told...
  20. SloppyJ

    Reputation for "this" post not working?

    This feature is not working for me. It's extremely useful to know which specific post you got rep for. It just takes me back to the 1st post in the thread, not to my post I got rep for. Am I the only one? This could be a mac issue but I doubt it.