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    Hgh her's the findings

    So i wanted to share some additional good news about Z's hgh , i recently tested his hgh after chatting with a board rep i wont name , my buddy and i have told Z the results too , about me testing the hgh , so first ill say that my test was not a protocol testing with base-line, ill leave that...

    TOUCHDOWN from "Z" TO ME

    To all those worried about late packages and customs etc etc , the one thing i did'nt do was to take out my frustrations on the threads , ragging of board reps and and especially the Z MAN . still waiting on 1 package and cant wait for that one but as usual me and Z have a great re pour and...

    Hgh pain

    OK guys its been a while , been busy and enjoying the summer buttttt, i need some serious advise from people who have experience and first hand knowledge . ive been on Z'S generic bluetops for 3 months and his shit is the real deal and me and him have discused via pm's and also running test ...


    I see a lot of threads about international or domestic but what about z's blue tops , any feed back about the recent batch to ease my head