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  1. TripleOvertime


    15% off all orals and oils. code t15 during checkout. also be sure to write my username in the order notes section. ill be here if anyone has any questions.
  2. TripleOvertime

    Monster website/ mass PM

    Hello everyone. I received multiple messages about our website. The mass PM that went out accidentally had our back up site address on it. Please visit us at monster-gear.com for easy access website. Thank you everyone for your interest. Please let me know if there are any questions.
  3. TripleOvertime

    monster sale-25% off!

    From now until Monday, 25% off all oils and orals. Use code trip25 during checkout at mymonsterlabs.com Come give monster a shot at a discounted price:winkfinger:
  4. TripleOvertime

    new rep announcement

    Monster labs is bringing one of our existing reps from another forum over to iron mag to help us out here. Many of you already know this dude. He's been around for years on many forums and has been a monster rep for quite a while. That being said, there are many members here that aren't on...
  5. TripleOvertime

    black Friday sale coming

    Hello IMF. Team monster is in the works of ironing out the details for an upcoming black Friday sale. We hope to have all The details posted this weekend. Please keep an eye out for a new thread.
  6. TripleOvertime

    discount increase with btc payment

    We now offer an additional 10% off for using btc option. Add this to my rep code discount for a total of 20% off! Let me know if there are any questions.
  7. TripleOvertime

    recent delays in my responses

    Bros, I want to apologize to everyone for the delays in my responsing this past week or so. I have been out of town and haven't had much time to hang out on the forums. That being said, I'm back and have caught up with everyone through PM. I'm here now so please let me know if you need help...
  8. TripleOvertime


    No pissing match intended. man talk, no bashing left vs. right. can you say there is anything that you agree with or like that POTUS is doing? Even if it is only one small thing? if so, what is it that he is doing or proposing that you seriously agree with? Hatred aside, surely there is...
  9. TripleOvertime

    Monster new year sale

    Good from now until tomorow night at midnight. Buy five items and get the cheapest item free. Buy ten get two and buy twenty and get five. Free shipping on top of that. Gh, hcg, and peptides are excluded. type New Years sale in the notes at checkout along with my screen name. Any...
  10. TripleOvertime

    buy2 get1 free test prop

    As the title suggests, purchase two test prop and the third is free. Buy 4 and you get 2 free etc. the freebies will automatically be added to your cart. While ordering please write my screen name TripleOvertime in the notes section of the order so we can verify which forum you are from. Dig...
  11. TripleOvertime

    Monster labs sale

    Let's get another sale going. Buy $500 worth of products and get a 20% discount. $500 worth of product for $400! sale excludes peptides and hcg. Shoot me a pm for the discount code.
  12. TripleOvertime

    labor day sale, biggest ever

    This will be the biggest sale we have ever thrown. Here's how it will work... starting labor day at 6:00am the 12 hour sale will start. A group of five different products will be on sale for three hours, then we will change it to a different set of five products for three hours and so on. You...
  13. TripleOvertime

    Eli Lilly hgh now available

    check it out bros. authentic 72iu humatrope pens. https://mymonsterlabs.com/product/eli-lilly-hgh-72-iu
  14. TripleOvertime

    Sale- buy2 get1 deca

    As the title suggest. Get ahold of me for a good deal on highly reviewed deca. Can also combine my discount with this offer!
  15. TripleOvertime

    sale- 4th of july monster

    Starting now and going through the fourth we are going to have a little sale. 15% off, excluding peptides and hcg. Get ahold of me for the discount code.
  16. TripleOvertime

    Father's Day sale

    In honor of Father's Day we figured we would throw another sale! 20% off and free shipping on all orders. Hcg and peptiides excluded. Get ahold of me for discount code or any questions you may have. Offer ends next Monday. Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there.
  17. TripleOvertime


    Enlighten the masses, will ya? What is it you dislike most about President trump? What do you fell it is that would have made hillary clinton a better choice for us as American citizens? This is not intended to start a pissing match, I'm genuinely curious.
  18. TripleOvertime

    monster superdrol now in stock

    Thats right bro, we now have available Superdrol. Pressed tabs dosed at 10mg each, 50 per pack. Ready to ship, please get ahold of me with questions or if you'd like to place an order. We offer new customer discounts as well as returning customer discounts.
  19. TripleOvertime

    another monster round of sales (2)

    As the title suggests, two new sales. Sale one: $400 worth of products at 20% off (pay $320) Sale two: $1000 worth of products at 40% off (pay $600) Sales exclude hgh, peptiides and hcg. Message me for discount codes. Sales starts now, end date to be determined.
  20. TripleOvertime

    dnp now available

    Finally here at monster. We are selling our dnp in 40 cap increments. Each cap is dosed at 100mg. Please contact me for more info or questions.