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  1. OTG85

    Stepping down

    Hey guy's I just want to say thanks for all the support to Uncle Z over the year's. He's been really good to me and I've been loyal for over 15 year's as a rep. I've made the choice to step down as I've accepted a work position that's going to take all my time and effort. It's not fair to Z or...
  2. OTG85

    Unclez.ru Back to School Sale

    We know it's tuff with buying all the kiddos, or maybe even your own back to school supplies with inflation, and all the other BS happening in the world. We want to show our gratitude and offer a 20% off sale on the international line up(30% off with BTC order's). Starting today and until the...
  3. OTG85

    We have winstrol and TNE in oil now

    No more painful injections from water based products, and no more lumps. IMHO oil carriers are the way to go for TNE & Winny. Definitely a game changer! Check these products out at www.unclez.ru I have had terrible reactions to water based winstrol over the year's especially back in the vet...
  4. OTG85

    HGH Dual chamber price slash (5 day's only)

    Eurotropin HGH - 191aa etc - ( 40 I.U dual chamber ) Supplier: Euro-pharmacies,Europe Chemical Name:Somatropinum Comes In: 40IU dual chamber (13.2mg) & 1 ml water solution Dosage: Men 2-6IU total daily Active time: Varies by injection method Class:Growth Hormone SHIPPING FROM EUROPE...
  5. OTG85

    Masteron 101

    Masteron is primarily used to give your muscle a granite hard, grainy look to them that no other steroid can duplicate. I really would categorize Masteron as a pre-contest drug. Masteron is not very effective unless you’re already very lean. It’s not the type of compound you want to take if...
  6. OTG85

    Buy 5 get one for free [any service]

    You heard it right ✅️ If you buy 5 oil's you'll get one on the house. We know times are tougher than ever so we want to do what we can to save you money here, and there. Buy 5 vials, and you can choose one free that’s equal to or less in value than the cheapest of the two you paid for. Another...
  7. OTG85

    What service should I use when ordering from Z

    I get this question all the time and I am sure the question has ran through your head when placing your order. The answer is strictly up to you. We are very proud to offer two top quality lines that are sure to impress. Our international line has a vast and long standing history of being some of...
  8. OTG85

    Peptides Galore (TD included)

    What a nice surprise the other day. I opened my box and wasn't expecting this to jump the pond so fast. I can't give specifics but it was way less than two week's and that's all I can say about that. Ever since we've been carrying peptides I've been experiencing more and more. I've found that...
  9. OTG85

    Another New Team Z Rep

    I would like to take this time and introduce Jozifp103 to the Uncle Z family. Me, him and push50 are here to help you with any questions that you may have. He's very knowledgeable with P.E.D.'s, and a long term PSL rep who's come to Team Z to bless us with his knowledge. Welcome aboard!
  10. OTG85

    New UncleZ Rep on board

    I would like to take this time and introduce Push50 to the Uncle Z family. He and I are here to help any of you with any questions that you may have. He's very knowledgeable with P.E.D.'s, and a long term Euro Pharmcies customer over the year's. If you have any questions feel free to ask me, or...
  11. OTG85

    The Z train is about to start rolling

    Both Domestic lines are almost stocked up and ready to go. Lightning fast service and great products. We apologize for the temporary closing of services (due to restock) but this benefits you. We will be back open in full swing in no time. The pivotal line is a very high quality brand that many...
  12. OTG85

    Uncle Z Closed for restock

    MPORTANT Due to the rapid increase with sales and demand pertaining to Euro-Pharmacies, All networks involved with being approved suppliers and vendors for EP maybe temporarily suspending sales for restock purposes. This will be temporary for the following dates (May 30th - June 13th). All...
  13. OTG85

    High milligram Var by Euro Pharmacies

    Anavar possesses amazing collagen and elastin synthesis properties "fibrous glycoprotein" (which is found in connective tissue). If you're attempting achieve a HARDER, LEANER and more VASCULAR look all while increasing strength and performance, then this is compound is for you...
  14. OTG85

    OTG85 is still available

    Hey guys My Brother Sam pretty much holds this fourm down but if he's pretty swamped I'm always available via PM. Don't hesitate to reach out to either one of us
  15. OTG85

    2022 UNCLE Z is back open for business

    We want to announce that the fully stocked international, & Domestic line of products are ready to fly. We appreciate our dedicated customers who have stuck by our side for 18+ years now. Without you guys we are nothing. We also have a open door for any new customers willing to give or products...
  16. OTG85

    Wife doesn't want you using Tren anymore?

    I got the perfect solution for your New Year's Tren adventures. Wife constantly nagging you and saying she doesn't know who you are when you're on tren? It's time to trick that complaining, nagging, soul sucking woman into thinking your running something completely different with Parabolan...
  17. OTG85

    Neighborhood Shipping line exotics

    As we’ve promised for month’s, and month’s we finally did it. For years you had to go threw the international line to get your hands on some of our rare products we had in stock. Well guess what the wait is over. We finally got those exotic products into the states for the very first time. No...
  18. OTG85

    Uncle Z's Early Christmas sale 30% off

    Unfortunately with how Shitty USPS gets during the Christmas holidays we close International shipping every year during the month of December. Luckily for everyone we are officially starting our Christmas sale on 11/8 - 11/23 on the entire International line up. Take 20%off all Oils, peptides...
  19. OTG85

    Gold Test 500

    Test 500 - 500mg/ml 10ml/vial EP GOLD 100% GUARANTEE And STRICT QUALITY CONTROL PROCCESS. Supplier:Euro-Pharmacies Chemical Name:Testosterone Blend Comes In: 10ml vial - 500 mg/ml: Testosterone Propionate 100mg Testosterone Enanthate 200mg Testosterone Cypionate 200mg Dosage...
  20. OTG85

    Halloween Mega Sale

    Uncle Z has gone mad!!! Everyone please enjoy 25% off the whole store. Sale starts today and ends 11/1 so don't sleep on this. HGH SARMS Oils Orals Peptides High MG Mixed oils https://unclez.ru/