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  1. HialeahChico305

    Where is Kelju?

    still posting here? how about Little Wing? whats new here? anybody making babies? :thinking::coffee:
  2. HialeahChico305

    family members call 911 to help difuse the situation, cops show up and kill the man.

    Man was trying to commint suicide, cops attempt to difuse the situation but end up granting his death wish. http://benswann.com/video-family-releases-video-of-man-being-killed-by-fort-bend-officer/
  3. HialeahChico305

    Will Smith slaps reporter

  4. HialeahChico305

    husband catches wife dancing with another guy at the beach

    Did she deserve the beat down? :thinking:
  5. HialeahChico305

    Society is fucked up

    ***opens door*** What the fuck seriously !!! ***closes door**** https://www.facebook.com/ShawnaTheMaid
  6. HialeahChico305

    Worst Parenting Fail pics

    :loser: 37 Worst Parenting Fails
  7. HialeahChico305

    Boat Harlem Shake

  8. HialeahChico305

    Lion shows love to his rescuer!

  9. HialeahChico305

    Squat problems

  10. HialeahChico305

    Ashton Kutcher epic speech.

    Will the sheep listen?
  11. HialeahChico305

    Ever done time behind bars?

    Innocent or Guilty this one is for you . Guess who's back, and ready to knock off a cop or two Cause me and the crew could still get our rocks off The penetentiary don't stop a nigga cause he's in jail Hell I'm makin more money on the street from here in a cell I'm livin proper, the...
  12. HialeahChico305

    Soccer player grabs dog by the neck and throws him off the soccer field

    Futbolista lanz? con furia a perro a tribuna en pleno partido [VIDEO] | Ojo
  13. HialeahChico305

    Smelling the Punani

  14. HialeahChico305

    Peruvian bitches

    They be wildin :coffee: Translation: Girl 2: My friend why are you such a bitch? Girl 1: Why do you ask? you dont like the cock? the cock is the most delicious thing that could exist in this world my friend Girl 2: No I dont know about that!! Gril 1: Shit me neither!
  15. HialeahChico305

    Falling in love with the wrong girl...

    You know, the type of girl who you spend time with and say to yourself you aint going to take her serious because deep inside you know she aint no good. The type of girl who loves you but in reality you know she loves others also. The type of girl who looks like she wont settle down for anyone...
  16. HialeahChico305

    kindest armed robbery