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  1. Curt James

    You rotten, filthy, son of a...

    Walked into school today and a co-worker was dropping donuts off in the faculty room. I said that's nice and she said she tries to be, but it's hard at times. I agreed, "Most people don't deserve kindness." She was clearly ticked off and said one of the teachers had made herself a giant lump or...
  2. Curt James

    What makes you lose your shit in the gym?

  3. Curt James

    Valentine's Day is on the way (or whey)!

    Happy Valentine's Day (nearly here)!
  4. Curt James

    Murder suspect tries to change the narrative...

    This guy says the news and the police are making shit up. :thinking:
  5. Curt James

    Aaron Baker Chest & Arms Workout For 1998 Mr Olympia

    Bodybuilding historians look for Artie Zeller @ 2:40
  6. Curt James

    Who won the Heavyweight & Overall title...

    Who won the Heavyweight & Overall title at the 1990 NPC Men's USA Championships? a) Jerry Rodgers b) Glenn Knerr c) Aaron Baker
  7. Curt James

    Do you know?

    Who posed for more than seventy-five statues, including depictions of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington - Charles Atlas, John Grimek, Bert Goodrich, or Vince Gironda?
  8. Curt James

    Blunt Force Trauma!

    What does it take to grow? What is your reps, sets, and volume strategy? Arash Rahbar offers commentary:
  9. Curt James

    Is winter your bulking season?

    Do you use winter as your bulking season or do you use a lean gains approach? Pro bodybuilders, fitness models, MPD competitors, those with regularly scheduled photo shoots or other industry obligations, or anyone else who places greater importance on staying lean for whatever reason, will...
  10. Curt James

    Climate and Bodybuilding

    I'm from Pennsylvania, land of four seasons! I have an uncle who lives in California, I've traveled to Florida, Arizona, but have never lived anywhere that has perfect weather all year. Do you live in snow and cold territory or do you enjoy warm weather year-round? If you're a member of the...
  11. Curt James

    Is Heath Unbeatable?

    Is he unbeatable? Who can stop Phil Heath? Will he be a 10X Mr. Olympia?
  12. Curt James

    New old member

    Nearly 15,000 posts, but haven't posted for about a year. RE-introduction time. I'm Curt James, longtime bodybuilding fan. No bodybuilder here at 6'1" and a fat 210 lbs. I'm a full-time elementary school art teacher, help out on the Rx Muscle Forums, IML rep (use that coupon code today -...
  13. Curt James

    Rogue One! Have you seen the new Star Wars flick?

    My favorite character has to be K-2SO, the reprogrammed Imperial security droid voiced by Firefly actor Alan Tudyk.
  14. Curt James

    Iconic Bodybuilding Images

    Is there a more iconic image than this pic? If you have an image that more exemplifies what bodybuilding is then post it here! Sergio Oliva's victory pose is a clear cut classic. What image represents all things iron to you?
  15. Curt James

    Top Ten Most Popular Bodybuilders?

    Posted @ http://www.3rank.com/top-10-most-popular-bodybuilders-ever/ on November 20, 2013. No author listed, no method of selection provided. I updated some info, but didn't do a thorough check of all the statements made below. Feel free to lose your mind. :-) Do you agree with this list? Post...
  16. Curt James


    Who or what motivates you to hit the gym? It's #MOTIVATIONMONDAY and that's the question of the day. Phil Heath. Will he make it number five in Vegas? Kai Greene. Can he take the crown from Heath? Shawn Rhoden. Has he made enough improvement to jump up a placing or even take the Sandow...
  17. Curt James

    What is your favorite Pumping Iron scene?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1vprTwGQ4M Mike Katz was one highlight of this film. Saw him guest pose back in the 70s in Lancaster, PA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLvyaWfXo60 What's your favorite part of or scene from Pumping Iron?
  18. Curt James

    Who motivated you to hit the gym?

    Who's your favorite action hero and was Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone your first motivation to hit the gym? If not, who was?
  19. Curt James


    The most amazing thing about bodybuilding is the incredible transformations that take place. Who made your favorite transformation?
  20. Curt James

    Did the Supreme Court get it right?

    Arnold changed his Facebook pic to show his support of same-sex marriage, but do you believe the Supreme Court (in a 5-4 decision) make the right decision? This 2009 Huffington Post article offers some reasons... Why Gay Marriage Is Important for All Americans By Stephen Dinan June 27...