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    The great "Proprietary" protein scam

    So, I have been getting very frustrated this last year or so. Ever since prices started going up for supplements due to taxation etc. There are more and more companies now offering these "Whey protein blend" formulas. Matrix (supplement centre brand), Olympus Health, Iron Science, to name but a...
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    Can my girl be getting sides from my cycle

    Haha yeah your jabbing her full of roids with your dick lol!! Seriously, no. It's a coincidence. I'm pretty sure you can't pass on androgens through sex ;-)
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    My igf-1 blog

    Lol, you mean Russian Roulette haha! Soz man, but that was funny!! Sent from my C6603 using Tapatalk
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    My igf-1 blog

    Cool, thanks for the reply! So am I mixing/storing it ok? In the frozen BW solution? I get mine from UK-peptides (cos I'm in the UK!) but they boast about being "American made"!! I've only had 2 shots so far so no idea if it's working yet. Like I said though, I've not noticed any hypo effects...
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    My igf-1 blog

    Hi guys, I'm new here but have been around a while on UK-muscle. This thread is exactly what I've been looking for! Over on UK-muscle ifg1-lr3 gets slammed as a waste of time and money as it does nothing for muscle growth etc etc. One of the mods goes out of his way to slate it big time! Says it...