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    Push-pull training? 6 days a week?

    Thanks dude, This is exactly what I was looking for.
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    Push-pull training? 6 days a week?

    I'm very new to training but is there anything wrong with going straight into an advanced training program like training your body parts 3x a week. working out 6x a day? If i'm going to start from a very small weight and slowly progress with it. should be fine right? Anyone recommend a program...
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    30 Day DNP Cycle Log

    I'll be doing a 30 day DNP Cycle Starting Today Experiment: May 10-17 200mg May 18-25 200mg May 26-June 2 200mg June 3-10 200mg Will be taking Electrolyte solution and multivitamin. Dropping coffee. Diet/workout info: Body fat percentage 25-30 percent Height 5'11.4 Weight 215lbs Calories...