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    Has anyone tried a similar RP program?

    I am on a strength training mode and at my age my joints I just can't handle heavy weights for low reps (3-5) per set, particularly for compound exercises like the squat and bench press. I just started a modified rest pause program that includes only one (long) set of 40-50 reps. I use a weight...
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    Full body workout versus Split routine and rest

    I started a modified version of the 20 rep super squat routine and have a hypothetical question about rest. The program has several different versions depending on who you listen to, but they generally include doing the 20 heavy rest pause squats plus a couple of sets of compound exercises...
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    Back to 20 rep Super Breathing Squats

    I am still a little confused about the 20 rep Super Breathing Squat program. There seems to be a lot of variation as to how you do those 20 squats (and for all I know they are all good). Peary Rader says one thing, Randall Strossen says another, and Bradley Steiner comes up with a third, and so...
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    Two general question about 20 rep super squat routine and over training

    I recently got my third injection of Synvisc lubrication in my 50+ year old arthritic knee and I am going to give the 20 Rep Super Breathing Squat Routine another try. The routine varies from program to program, but here is the general gist. Squat: 1x20 Pull-Overs: 1x20 Deadlift: 2-3 x 10-12...
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    Pull ups for lat development

    Can someone with knowledge of anatomy explain why wide grip pull ups are the best lat developer? Is it the stretch at the bottom? Is it the stress at the top? Is it something else/ I must be doing them wrong because my lats have always seemed to respond better to dumbbell rows and not respond...
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    New twist on old super squat concept

    I have an idea for a new training technique and wonder what others think. At my age, the 20 rep super squat is just too taxing on the rest of my body, especially my arthritic knees. I've beem experimenting with a modification of the super squat routine using the same rest-pause principal as...