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    What the heck are sexercises and do they work?

    Yeah I agree. I think the best "sexercise" is basically kegels. Those are very effective indeed.
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    Low on ball juice

    I am a little confused. What exactly is the problem here?
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    Puberty GYNO pissing me off.

    YEah I also think its a pretty common problem. Have you ever resolved the issue? I hope it works out for you eventually!
  4. L

    My left nut hurts.

    Omg, bleeding? Cutting open? Sounds like scary stuff. Dont scare him anymore than the usual!
  5. L

    Ke$ha WTF?

    So apparently the magazine versions are the ones where she was shooped. Too funny. I prefer women with curves myself
  6. L

    So... man vs woman

    I totally agree dude. She is pretty mean
  7. L

    What's your favorite woman shape?

    The jiggly butt wins!:ohyeah:
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    Is the sex advice in 'Transformers 3' better than nothing?

    I thought Megan Fox was kicked out or fired or something?
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    Transexual porn becoming more popular with the straight guys?

    I guess its just different for each person?
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    How long is your erection?

    Well I hear that 5-6 inches erect is the average. So I think the men here so far are mostly honest?
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    Do all girls get horny over other chicks?

    I'm a girl and I identify as straight but there was apoint in my life I found women more beautiful and found them more attractive. I think its because when I hit puberty I thought cocks were scary and intimidating. But it changed eventually after my first boyfriend. :P
  12. L

    Horny after swimming?

    Maybe you have a water fetish. that's actually a pretty nice fetish. haha:jerkit:
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    NAKED: 10 places she's begging you to touch her

    I'm a woman and even I didn't know about some of these... hehehe. Thanks for the ideas though:kissu:
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    nuva ring

    Dont worry about it! You wont get estrogen from the nuva ring your gf is using
  15. L

    Who do you fantasize about most when masturbating alone?

    I mostly think about the guy I have a crush on or about men who I have had flings with...
  16. L

    No happy endings

    Maybe youre not just into it? How long does it take you if you are jacking off? You should see what the problem is and if there are certain techniques to it
  17. L

    2 questions lol

    I would say that cum just has a nasty texture. I think that you should just try to bear and swallow it? I would stay away from anal sex if it hurts though. Try something small like a butt plug and work your way up from there. Rectal bleeding is not nice.
  18. L

    fuck it, i need help.

    I would have said the same thing. So what were the results? What did your doctor say? And I would use virgin coconut oil (unscented) to cleanse the area
  19. L

    The Animated Kama Sutra...

    Oh no, it really is spyware? Good thing I didn't click it! >.<
  20. L

    "PLEASE, Don't go crazy again!"

    Sounds painful! I dont really like anal sex either >.<