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  1. exerciseordie

    New to ironmag

    Welcome man
  2. exerciseordie

    Busted in GA!!

    You say that as if people don't know. As long as aas is illegal people will get arrested for it.
  3. exerciseordie


  4. exerciseordie

    What is your cruise dose?

    Not sure this is mentioned but to make this more understanding for guys. A negative feedback mechanism is when the body sends a signal to get everything back to homeostasis. For instance when your blood sugar gets too high (too far from normal) your body produces insulin to bring it back into...
  5. exerciseordie

    New Superdrol from the UK

    I can still find SD easy online and probably even locally because I know guys who have a nice stock of it lol. Good shit but it was just too harsh for me
  6. exerciseordie

    yet another cycle debate

    Run that test 12 weeks. The rest is just preference. I don't see any dangers here so experiment on your own. Keep caber or prami on hand in case you need it tho
  7. exerciseordie

    Price Match All Sources + 10% DISCOUNT !!!

    I'm sure its a safety thing man. I'd rather take my pills out of a bottle if it makes this underground shit safer for everyone. Just my .02.
  8. exerciseordie


    I'm with Sheriv. Besides the no sides. I was low dosed and the changing shirts and boxers a few times a day was real! So much sweat!
  9. exerciseordie


    There are great RC places but only one top notch one and that's iron mag. Now if you can I'd go pharma or good ugl but if you want RC IMR is where its at
  10. exerciseordie

    Input experience and advice eq

    EQ is slow but quality gains. Its a great compound. Watch blood pressure and kill it. Run it for 16 weeks minimum IMO. Cap said the rest
  11. exerciseordie

    World-Wide authority on AAS proclaims AP gear to be Pharm-Grade!!!

    I have no doubt in the world that WP has amazing gear. But the scare tactics with some of the pictures he posts just make me laugh.
  12. exerciseordie

    Hi-Tech sued the FDA. In the meantime they are selling products with DMAA.

    I love 1,3 but if hi-tech is the company i am thinking of then I'm not a fan of them. May not be though! Many companies names are very similar.
  13. exerciseordie

    Who's had success with natural testosterone boosters?

    Now days you can buy other products that contain test boosters soooooo just buy a preworkout (that most people will buy anyways) with a test booster in it.
  14. exerciseordie

    What's your max bench?

    I only do dumbbells but I like to play with the 120s....they don't go any higher at my gym
  15. exerciseordie

    Yoga vid...

    Lmao. Be one hell of a yoga session!
  16. exerciseordie


    Vision likes it that much and I can't see it? Bullshit
  17. exerciseordie

    CJC-1295 DAC log

    I'm doing 2mgs a week right now. It is a very expensive peptide to run at 8mg a week
  18. exerciseordie

    I want you.......

    Fuck hunglo. Hoping for the best for you
  19. exerciseordie

    I'm looking for one member who would like to be a sponcer by Uncle z.

    ........hahahahaha damn heavy
  20. exerciseordie

    Z re-seller busted?

    Nope. Still illegal to sell "fake" illegal drugs. Still fucked.