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    Former cancer patient

    I have a friend that has been clear of cancer for 2 years now and his doctor has him on test treatment of 100mg every other week, He is wanting to run a higher dosage of 500mg a week for 10 weeks. Is this safe for him to do? He had Acute Lymphositic Leukemia and has been clear for just over 2...
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    Can my girl be getting sides from my cycle

    As I've started my cutting she's started breaking out kinda like I do at the first of my cycles, so I'm wondering because we are sexually active about 4 to 5 days a week could her breaking out be because of me? I'm only running test, masteron right now and it's not very much so I'm at a lost...
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    protine shakes

    I've been trying different protine shakes and haven't found one that I like the tast of.. so is there one that is better than the rest, or are they all pretty much the same taste and nutritional value?
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    new guy looking for direction

    I'm 38 6' 230#, I've been working out off an on over the last yea go in the gym pretty hard and have been looking at doing a cycle of just test, my concerns are, am I still to big to start a cycle with my BMI this high? should I like doing a stack chen or var with the test? I just joined the...
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    Does anyone know anything about GearPro? I was given their contact info from a guy at the gym, but can't find any info on them.