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  1. musclepump

    Wow, my last visit was...

    You last visited: 03-18-2009 at 12:23 PM Damn. I've been gone awhile. Almost a year to the day before I decided to log back in. You all missed me, right?
  2. musclepump

    Phone - HTC Touch Pro?

    Anyone use the HTC Touch Pro? I'm thinking about switching to Sprint to get it. Looking at a few on ebay - NEW IN BOX SPRINT HTC TOUCH PRO SMARTPHONE / PDA EMAIL - eBay (item 220379771958 end time Mar-22-09 12:37:03 PDT) Brand New Sprint HTC Diamond Touch Pro NIB no reserve - eBay (item...
  3. musclepump

    The best "Fuck" up... literally

    I ordered some rubbers and...uhm... lubricants, from DoItSafer.com, Do Adult Things Safer and instead of sending me 36 no-baby-makers, I got 96. Apparently someone there can't do math. Works for me! Don't think I'll be calling customer service on that one. Fuck away!
  4. musclepump

    Olympic Swimmers are HOT!!

    I've been watching the Trials. Here are some of the beautiful ladies that will represent Team USA: Kim Vandenberg - Kathleen Hersey - Megan Jendrick - Natalie Coughlin -
  5. musclepump

    Victor Conte writing tell-all

    ESPN - Report: BALCO founder Conte plans tell-all book on drug world - ESPN
  6. musclepump

    UFC Play-by-Play

    [old fight] Roger Huerta (RH) -vs- Leonard Garcia (LG)
  7. musclepump

    Short cycles of Prop?

    Has anyone tried and had any success, or even any opinion actually, of short--4 to 6 weeks--cycles of Prop shooting EOD?
  8. musclepump

    Article Excerpt on Benoit

    "Authorities also said they are investigating whether steroids may have been a factor in the deaths of Benoit, his wife and their 7-year-old son. Steroid abuse has been linked to depression, paranoia, and aggressive behavior or angry outbursts known as "roid rage."
  9. musclepump

    Want to name your kid "4Real"? Too bad!

    Glad they aren't my parents. Laugh at the News » Blog Archive » New Zealand Not “4Real”
  10. musclepump

    Paris BACK to jail! YES!

    Whooo :thumb:
  11. musclepump

    Amanda Beard Playboy shots?

    They aren't supposed to be out til the 8th, but anyone happen to see them early and can post them? :)
  12. musclepump

    XPE-12? Anyone?

    Has anyone tried XPE-12? Valentino's energy supplement. I was shopping for some caffeine and found it... has 300mg of caffeine and a bunch of other stuff. Figured I'd give it a go, it was cheap at goldmedalnutrition.com Any reviews? Anything I should expect?
  13. musclepump

    Stallone using the good shit

    Pleaded guilty to carrying JINO'S! Sylvester Stallone pleads guilty | PerthNow
  14. musclepump


  15. musclepump

    Serostim HGH

  16. musclepump

    Growth Plate Question

    One of the worries for younger people using AAS is the premature closing of growth plates. Here's the question; is that sure to happen in everyone? Or is it possible that someone who has run a cycle or two may still be able to grow?
  17. musclepump

    Novolin Insulin

  18. musclepump

    Humulin Insulin (Lilly)