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  1. musclepump

    Who's taking CC payments right now? Short on cash

    I didn't think April 1 was for another week?
  2. musclepump

    Arnold's Secrets of Success

  3. musclepump

    Cain Velasquez vs Brock Lesnar - VIDEO

    LOVE the music. Made it that much more exciting.
  4. musclepump

    21yr old 3 weeks into HGH cycle

  5. musclepump

    Question on gaining muscle mass

    Most steroid users aren't great examples of building your physique.
  6. musclepump

    VPX files lawsuit vs. Gaspari Nutrition

    Uh oh, two giants of the industry battling it out.
  7. musclepump

    Wow, my last visit was...

    Mudge still around?
  8. musclepump

    Sarah Palin to Host Alaska Reality-TV Series

    I hope she fades right along with Obama.
  9. musclepump

    Wow, my last visit was...

    Thanks. Have I missed anything big? All the oldies still around?
  10. musclepump

    Wow, my last visit was...

    You last visited: 03-18-2009 at 12:23 PM Damn. I've been gone awhile. Almost a year to the day before I decided to log back in. You all missed me, right?
  11. musclepump

    Phone - HTC Touch Pro?

    Anyone use the HTC Touch Pro? I'm thinking about switching to Sprint to get it. Looking at a few on ebay - NEW IN BOX SPRINT HTC TOUCH PRO SMARTPHONE / PDA EMAIL - eBay (item 220379771958 end time Mar-22-09 12:37:03 PDT) Brand New Sprint HTC Diamond Touch Pro NIB no reserve - eBay (item...
  12. musclepump

    The best "Fuck" up... literally

    2013. But they won't make it past 2009,so it's all good :-)
  13. musclepump

    The best "Fuck" up... literally

    Hanging around. Been extremely busy and kind of forgot to check this board for... a year... or so... I don't know. But I'm back! Hope you all missed me terribly and that my resurgence has made you all happier in your day to day life :)
  14. musclepump

    The best "Fuck" up... literally

    Hey hey hey, thank you very much. I'm doing well. Yourself? Looonnnggg time no see.
  15. musclepump

    The best "Fuck" up... literally

    I ordered some rubbers and...uhm... lubricants, from DoItSafer.com, Do Adult Things Safer and instead of sending me 36 no-baby-makers, I got 96. Apparently someone there can't do math. Works for me! Don't think I'll be calling customer service on that one. Fuck away!
  16. musclepump

    My second Cycle at 41

    Is juice legal in Italy?
  17. musclepump

    Olympic Swimmers are HOT!!

    Gay as the day is long.
  18. musclepump

    Olympic Swimmers are HOT!!

    I've been watching the Trials. Here are some of the beautiful ladies that will represent Team USA: Kim Vandenberg - Kathleen Hersey - Megan Jendrick - Natalie Coughlin -
  19. musclepump

    Victor Conte writing tell-all

    ESPN - Report: BALCO founder Conte plans tell-all book on drug world - ESPN