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    scoff scoff scoff....

    right i need help desperatley im on keto diet, day 4....(ive tried and failed with this diet afew times for this reason)..... i am ALWAYS hungry...im eating 1675 cals 219pro/75fat/max of 30g carb has anyone got any food suggestions that will keep me full or is this how it is?? if so whats the...
  2. K

    Katies journal-taking my mind off the situation

    So....here I am Started a keto diet a couple weeks ago and it was all going fine...then last week all my personal stresses got on top of me, comfort eating was never going to be avoidable :( The diet went out the window and I managed to gain 9 frikin lbs in the past 5 days!! The results I had...
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    bikini ready....

    Hey guys I reallyyyyy want to have visible abs by summer....i know diet is a huge factor for abs....i already eat 1200cals 40c/40p/20f whole foods only 90% of the time.....i suppose i could eat cleaner.... whats the best way for me to achieve this? diet and exercise ideas would be greatly...
  4. K

    lipo 6????? anyone tried?

    im currently low carb 30-50g mon-fri carb up sat sun, im looking to lower my bf %....i did start clen a whike back but had to stop it as i was having an op....was only taking it for a week. Im trying to decide between taking clen or trying lipo 6...any suggestions?
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    need more points from posts

    its crap how you have to have more than 50 points to pm!
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    whats going on??! plateau?

    ok so i am 3 weeks in to getting back to training after an op where i gained 15lb from a 6 week break....im concentrating on weights a bit more than before the op but theres still a good deal of heavy cardio in my plan, i mean heavy as in burning over 600cals per sesh which i do 3-4 times a...
  7. K

    New girl xx

    Hey just introducing myself...pleeease add me if you know anything about 'ripping up' :) x
  8. K


    Hey Im new here and im looking for info on cycles for clenbuterol. Im 5ft 6, 24years old, and weigh approx 60kg and have a body fat % of 23. Up to yet ive lost 65lb through clean eating and working out 5-6 days a week...now i want muscle definaition, especially my abs.....i do have some...