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  1. M4A3

    ECA stack dosing protocol??? Help please.

    Need help with a dosing protocol for an ECA stack. Any input would be appreciated from those that are experienced with using it. Thanks.
  2. M4A3

    Eva Longoria flashes David Letterman

    She looks tore up with no make up though.
  3. M4A3


    Your Aromasin was probably underdosed. 90% of Research chems probably are.
  4. M4A3

    To ben...my love

    Ben just outed himself as DEA. Lucky 7 is a front. Everyone run!!!
  5. M4A3

    Lucky Seven gear is dirty and gave me HIV!!!

    Will butthole hair pass through a 23ga.?
  6. M4A3

    My 1st Cycle

  7. M4A3

    I'm calling bullshit

    You are right. This is about you defending Pars' gear because you buy the shit he makes and resell it. That is "your business", so you feel "an attack on Pars gear" is an attack on you. LOL! Just find another supplier and your "business" will be fine.
  8. M4A3

    I'm calling bullshit

    Wait... I'm lost. What happened with OSL? Link to thread?
  9. M4A3

    My 1st Cycle

    You are going to play at a D3 school and you say football is your life? You need to get a reality check, and better get your priorities straight. Fucking up the rest of your life at 18 when you don't even have a chance at going pro is just retarded. It is ultra rare for anyone to get drafted...
  10. M4A3

    If I wanted America to Fail

    You live in fantasy land. That's ok nancy. Rough men are ready to do violence on your behalf. Sleep peacibly sheep. The fact that this forum is filed with Paulbots and commies makes me want to puke.
  11. M4A3

    If I wanted America to Fail

    We actually get a tangible benefit with defense spending. We get no benefit for giving money to pookie and her four crack babies. Ron paul is a tard of the highest order. If we withdrew from the world, we'd lose the majority of our power and influence in the world. Other nations would quickly...
  12. M4A3

    If I wanted America to Fail

    The democrat agenda.
  13. M4A3

    For LAM!

    LAM, I seriously hope you get hit by car and that there isn't enough of you left to wet vac off of the road to even know what your shoe size was, let alone that you were a communist piece of shit that hated your country, and wanted karl marx to fuck you repeatedly in the ass. I never actually...
  14. M4A3

    Sterioids and Medicare

    Why not just pay the $50 to do your own private testing and save the tax payer from paying your bullshit medical costs? If you can afford gear, you should be able to afford a $50 test without leeching off the tax payer, right?
  15. M4A3

    For LAM!

    I know that. It's just wishful thinking on my part that LAM would end up in a N. Korean gulag. In reality, though, if he went there, his commie ass would probably become a ranking party member of the regime. :coffee: Insert world's smallest violin pic here. That is pure capitulation on your...
  16. M4A3

    For LAM!

    Because of Medicare, Social Security, Welfare and all the other socialist bullshit that you democrat knob gobblers love so much. They take up an overwhelming percentage of the Federal budget, and their cost keeps growing. If we got rid of the Socialism, we'd do just fine.
  17. M4A3

    For LAM!

    I have repeatedly said that if he hates America and capitalism so much, he is free to move to either Cuba or North Korea. He has yet to accept the invitation. :coffee:
  18. M4A3

    Need some Aromasin

    Except for your IP address. LOL
  19. M4A3

    What Would Happen If I Blasted 5000iu of HCG?

    5000 IU is prescribed by doctors regularly. How it would affect your particular case, I have no idea. Novarel Official FDA information, side effects and uses.
  20. M4A3

    Uncle Z HGH is genuine~my apology

    Be honest. How much free HGH were you offered for this mea culpa? :coffee: