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  1. yzfrr11

    Any endurance athletes here?

    It might be interesting to start a thread for triathletes, swimmers, cyclists, runners, wrestlers, and MMA athletes to discuss what regimens they have had success with in the past, and what supplements they are currently using.
  2. yzfrr11

    IP Yellow top HGH

    IP Yellow top HGH - 10iu, IM, 3hours, 26.2 ng/ml labs drawn 4/16/2012
  3. yzfrr11

    Does body weight effect serum HGH level?

    Certainly, a patient's body weight effects the final concentration achieved after administration of any drug. And I'm sure that giving 10 iu of HGH to a 60kg patient will result in a lower peak serum level compared to giving the same dose to a 100kg patient - all other variables being equal...
  4. yzfrr11

    Bunited Enanthate lab test

    This was drawn 48 hours following an IM injection of 100mg Bunited Enanthate. Total dose is 200mg per week (100mg twice weekly)
  5. yzfrr11

    Thanktropin lab test: serum GH and IGF-1

    Due for routine labs tomorrow including serum HGH, IGF-1, total test on 200mg Bunited enanthate per week, and 5iu Thanktropin per day, and Synthroid, 100 mcg per day. Anyone interested in the results? Should be available in 7 days. They will be posted in this thread if it is cleared with the...
  6. yzfrr11

    What you need to know regarding HGH and your thyroid

    Here's what you need to know: Don't run T3 with HGH. You want Synthroid 100-200mcg/d (T4). Or, you can use Armor thyroid which is 75mcgT4/18mcgT3. For some complex reason that is not completely understood, GH needs T4 around to be optimally effective. T4 deiodination to T3 occurs in all...
  7. yzfrr11

    Euro Pharm: Domestic vs. International?

    Are the domestic and international EP products from the same lab? It looks like the international line is offered in a wider range of sizes and quantities. Other than that, are they the same lab product?
  8. yzfrr11

    Which compound sparks your libido most: Mast or Proviron

    Have you found Masteron as effective as Proviron with regards to stimulating libido? Tren/Test (500mg/500mg) seems to depress the libido and increasing test is not desirable. Proviron works but Masteron might be preferable. Anyone find that Mast is good for libido as an ancillary?
  9. yzfrr11

    Shipping DVD's internationally

    In general, was is the success rate for receiving an international DVD order?
  10. yzfrr11

    GP in stock soon?

    Hi, I've used Gen-Shi in the past with great results. How would you guys compare Gen-Shi with GP irrespective of price? I'm considering waiting for GP for my next Naps order. Thanks!