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  1. b_reed23

    During the holidays....

    It's that time of year again. To keep myself sane around this time, I usually bulk for 6 weeks with creatine, and don't really follow a diet because I like to indulge myself during the holidays. Does anyone else do this??? I have no willpower, so I have 2 choices. On one hand I can indulge...
  2. b_reed23

    any input on Cytolean??

    I got a sample pack of Cytolean by Gaspari, and have been trying it for the last 3 days, so far it's been great. I've been taking just 1 pill a day. My mood is enhanced, I'm more alert. But let's face it...3 days isn't enough to tell how great a supplement is. Has anyone else used this...
  3. b_reed23

    uploading pics...

    is anyone else having trouble uploading pics to the gallery or in their journals?? The sight wont let me do either one....:pissed::pissed::pissed:
  4. b_reed23

    chicken/turkey jerky??

    Anyone have a good marinade for this?? Do I dehydrate it the same way as beef/deer, or do I need to cook it first?? Thanks!
  5. b_reed23

    homemade cell-tech....

    thoughts, ideas, opinions??? Make Your Own MuscleTech Cell Tech and EAS Phosphagen Creatine
  6. b_reed23

    This Is Why I'm Hot!!

    Woohoo, a new journal! I'm gonna keep this short, because most everyone that visits my journal knows me pretty well...I have the same goals, lose fat, gain muscle, blah, blah, blah...but I have a few new ones as well.... live life to it's fullest...if that means cheating on my diet or...
  7. b_reed23

    Benchpress increase for a woman?

    There is a benchpress comp here locally at the end of March and they have no weigh ins for the women...the top weight pushed last year was 135 and currently I can only push 95 one time...and it aint easy:nail: is it possible for me to gain that much on bench in such a short time? How should I...
  8. b_reed23

    Support Devlin, and a great cause!

    An IM member here named Devlin is walking/running a 5k to support the American Diabetes Association. So lets support her by sponsering her, and offering some motivation!! I would like her to be able to reach her goal and surpass it...here is the link. Thanks so much in advance!! Click here...
  9. b_reed23

    Women....how much can you benchpress?

    I am just curious...I am wanting to set some major goals for myself over the next couple of months, and wanted to see where I ranked compared to all of you :)
  10. b_reed23

    photo gallery dates??

    in the Photo gallery...why doesn't it say the date that the pictures was posted anymore??
  11. b_reed23

    Ascending Olympus

    okay guys...most of you know me but I will reintroduce myself... 26 years old 129 pounds arms-11 1/2 chest-36 1/2 calves-14 1/2 hips-34 thighs-22 abs-29 1/2 I have pretty much gotten hooked on p/rr/s lately, so I will continue doing what I have been doing. Things have stayed pretty steady...
  12. b_reed23


    Hi there...I was just wondering if you were still seeing positive results from the Universal Storm. I was hoping you could give us an update on how much you've gained and how long you've been on it now....THANKS!!:wave:
  13. b_reed23

    can't eat!

    This whole week I haven't been able to eat much because of the heat, I can eat veggies and fruit okay, but when I try to eat chicken, tuna, or any kind of milk it makes my stomach sour...:( Would it be okay for me to stick with whey or casein protein when this happens??:bulb:
  14. b_reed23

    great breakfast idea

    2 whole eggs 2 egg whites 1/4 c. soy milk 1 pouch boca burger cook the boca in the microwave as directed, mix together all other ingredients and cook in a non stick pan until scrambled, add boca, and your done!! this tastes great :D CALS: 354 PROT: 47 CARBS: 15
  15. b_reed23

    this is so wrong...

    These 2 girls use to look awsome.... now they are all skin and bones...kinda gross if you ask me....
  16. b_reed23

    Probably not suppose to post this, but...

    It's hilarious!!!!!:D :D
  17. b_reed23

    I Finally Did It!!

    As most of you know, I have been walking as part of my training for the last couple of months, and yesterday I had this feeling...so I went with it...I ran my first mile EVER!:clapping: To make things even better, I did it in 8 minutes flat...that's pretty good....right?:confused: Thanks to...
  18. b_reed23

    low cal protein bars

    does anyone have any low calorie protein bar recipes? I'd really appreciate it..thanks!!:D
  19. b_reed23


    I did my first 20 minute session of HIIT today on the eliptical machine(plus a 5 min. warm up and cool down)..and what a difference! I think I sweated 10 gallons...lol...plus it gives me so much more free time..thanks IMers!! Billie:D
  20. b_reed23

    yay for me!!

    Today I fit into my size 6 jeans!!! I just wanted to share it with everyone!!!!:hot: :hot: :hot: