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    Cytodyne vs Cytogenix

    I usually buy Xenadrine made by Cytodyne, but today while I was looking online I noticed that Cytogenix also made Xenadrine. The bottles looked the same. Does anyone know the difference in the two or has anyone dealt with Cytogenix. I have tried to dig up some reviews and product labels so I...
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    Which MLB teams have made he best off season moves

    So what do you guys and gals think? Who has done the best job helping their team out this off season?
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    Can anyone tell me....

    What ever happened to the thread that Foreman Rules started that was titled something like "Classic Bodybuilding Thread" or something to that affect that had a lot of great pics of Bodybuilders? It was a great thread and had some really good pics. I have searched but can't seem to find it.
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    Did anyone watch the Gonzalez/Montiel Fight saturady night?

    I caught the fight, I thought Montiel out boxed Gonzalez, but I guess that is why I am not a judge. For the real reason I posted this thread. Who is this Paul Williams that fought Matthysse on the undercard and where did he come from? I have never seen him box before, (maybe on ESPN2 or...
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    Boxing in June

    The way I look it at, the four biggest fights in June look to be pretty good fights Diego Corrales vs. Jose Luis Castillo Antonio Tarver vs. Bernard Hopkins Miguel Cotto vs. Paulie Malignaggi Jermain Taylor vs. Winky Wright This being said who do you like and how? I figure that Foreman will...
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    Julio Franco-Old man is still kicking ass

    http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2006/baseball/mlb/04/21/bc.bbn.mets.franco.shom.ap/index.html He became the oldest man to hit a homer in MBL history last night.
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    My first cycle coming up

    Test E 500 for 6 wks-Just to see how the body is going to react Nolva on hand- in case of gyno Nolva or clomid for pct? - Need advice on this one. Which do you perfer and how long? Since I have the Nolva it seems to make sense to just use this.
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    Floyd Mayweather Jr

    Who in your opnion will Mayweather fight next provided he beats Judah? Will Cotto get a shot at him or will someone else?
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    It's Friday Night

    so waht are you drinking??? I have George Dickel on ice right now and drinking a Sam Adams Light while I wait for the ice to start melting.
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    Watching the fight Friday Night...

    Watching the fight Saturday Night... got me to thinking, since the fight was stopped (for good reason), but if you did happen to disagree, what are some of the worst robberies, decisions, and stops that you have ever seen in boxing? Feel free to agree or disagree with anyone b/c this all just...
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    New Routine....Let's tear it apart

    I have decided to change things up a bit and was wondering how far off I am.I wanted to split it up into 2 weeks and do a few different exercises each week (I think I have one or two) and set things on different days to keep it different. So lets get started tearing this apart. Thanks in...
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    How do you know where to inject and how? I'm still leary of injection, not that the needle itself bothers me but that I have never seen it done nor do I know anyone that injects to show or help. That is the only thing preventing me from steeping over to the dark side. Thanks in advance.
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    minimal number of calories

    What is the minimal number of calories a day needed when wanting to trim fat and still get all the nutrients that the body needs? I have been taking in around 1100 a day for a few weeks and the fat is going away quickly, but I have been more tired lately and seem a lot weaker. Should I be...
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    Pacquiao vs Morales

    So who wins? Give your predictions. I have to say Pacquiao over Morales by decision
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    New Gym Membership with the Wife

    My membership ran out at the end of December, I am now working out at our corporate gym until I decide what I want to do. My wife has decided that she wants to join a gym with me and has been begging me for the past couple of months to find one that we can both go to. We tried to do the cardio...
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    Who is the best pound for pound boxer in the ring today?

    No poll on this one guys, just start posting the guys you think are the best. Tough one, Hatton and Barrera are both good. A lot of other good ones out there as well.
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    Wright vs Soliman

    Did anyone see the fight? I know Wright won but did he look dominant or did he look like he didn't care? I can't believe that I missed this fight. Do you think that there will be a Wright vs Taylor in the near future?
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    Bad Knees

    I played a lot of baseball in highschool and junior college. Unfoutanelly I was a catcher and my knees took a lot of abuse ( twisted left, and hyper-extended right twice). I have been to an orthopedic a few time and he gave me some stretching exercises to do before I work out my legs. I try...
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    OT (Turanabol)

    Has anyone ever taken OT and how should one cycle it? Do you take dosage all at once or distribute throughout the day? I was thinking maybe soemthing like this: 6wks OT@50mg ED Nolva@10mg ED PCT 2 weeks 1- Nolva@40mg ED 2-Nolva@40mg ED Does this seem right and am...
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    I don't know if this belongs in this forum or if it belongs in the supplement. I remember that Barry Bonds took this stuff. Is there any information out there about this stuff, like what it is, how it works, side effects and is it still out there? I was curious to know why it was banned by the...