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  1. Disqualified

    ACE-083 Trial

    I decided to pick up 4mg on a bogo sale. No idea if it's legit or bunk, but the source is rated with good quality so I thought I'd take a risk.I decided to try this on what we always feel we could improve on.. I did 1mg per calf, 500mcg split into both heads. The only other log I have come...
  2. Disqualified

    Dana Lin Bailey's Turbo V10 Supra "Vipra"

  3. Disqualified

    Pep stack Frag 176-191, GHRP6/CjC no DAC, IGF Lr3+DES, Slin & AAS

    Have been blasting and cruising (currently blasting) Added Slin & IGF Lr3 + DES and have put on size in a calorie deficit I've got CJC no Dac and GhRp6 on its way. Thinking about adding in frag 176-191 but don't know where to add them in my protocol.. Would I add it to my AM and PM dosing of...
  4. Disqualified

    THE CAGE: Animal/Universal Documentary Film

    Uploaded today, July 18th 2013. Enjoy. :clapping:
  5. Disqualified

    Disqualified here, Vicious elsewhere

    Hey fellas, Vicious over at BSL and IML forums. Figured I'd start posting in this community and get to learn a few things. Little background, 2 SDMZ & Halo cycles, 1 tren and halo cycle bridged with cyano. From 237lbs 25% to 152lbs 7%, back to 185 12% down to 168 7%. Typical college student...