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  1. drealdeal

    Tren here, get your Tren!!!

    Something very appealing about this brand ironlion@securenym.net
  2. drealdeal

    Spring sale

    Also 20%discount on raws orders over 500usd ironlion@securenym.net
  3. drealdeal

    Killer gorilla cut log and NY resolution (sponsored by guerilla)

    Step back and take a deep breath....If anyone can handle this it's you brother! Keep moving forward! ironlion@securenym.net
  4. drealdeal

    Spring sale

    spring sales promo starts March 1st ends April 1st!! A.)HGH: Puretropin(10iu/vial) 1.)buy two kits to get one free kit ( pay 400$ to get 2+1(free)=3 kits) 2.)Pay 600$ to get 5kits 3.)Pay 1100$ to get 10kits 4.)Pay 1500$ to get 15kits B)HCG(5000iu/vial)-pharm grade(water+powder)...
  5. drealdeal

    New rep

    I was just as surprised 😉 ironlion@securenym.net
  6. drealdeal

    New rep

    Thank u sir! ironlion@securenym.net
  7. drealdeal

    New rep

    Hello guys I have been blessed with the opportunity to work for the IML community as a rep for iron lion . I wholeheartedly believe in this labs products. So I have agreed to be an average of communication between the community and IL if y'all need me holler at me ,I'm almost always available...
  8. drealdeal

    Spiny's Sponsored Uncle Z Log

    Killin it bro
  9. drealdeal

    free samples

    I am in If you still need another tester
  10. drealdeal

    would you hit it?

    I'd hit
  11. drealdeal

    Super EP TD from UncleZ

  12. drealdeal

    Spiny's Sponsored Uncle Z Log

    Holy shit Spiny
  13. drealdeal

    ..... Sweet cheeks .....

    I think i know number 3 srs
  14. drealdeal

    ..... Sweet cheeks .....

    Aaaaaaand thank u Charley HAMMER-ANABOLICS@COUNTERMAIL.COM
  15. drealdeal

    Why do you hang out in BB forums

    Wait a minute ....! This is a bodybuilding forum ? And all this time i was just on here scamming for wiener HAMMER-ANABOLICS@COUNTERMAIL.COM
  16. drealdeal

    ..... Sweet cheeks .....

    Once again ...i was haVin a bad day and... Charley to da rescue HAMMER-ANABOLICS@COUNTERMAIL.COM
  17. drealdeal

    Just wanted to say!

    Looking sexi mm HAMMER-ANABOLICS@countermail.com
  18. drealdeal

    Charley tribute thread

    Charley So many a day your threads have lifted my spirits and put a grin on my mug ,thanks brother!please keep doin what you do! HAMMER-ANABOLICS@countermail.com
  19. drealdeal

    New to IMF

    Welcome HAMMER-ANABOLICS@countermail.com