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  1. katt

    New "Power" Jock from Prevail

    Ok, I know this may not be funny to some, but I HAD to post it after I was done rolling on the floor laughing my ass off!! :roflmao: It adds TWO FULL SIZES!!!!
  2. katt

    At Large Nutrition "NITOR" test product

    ok - today starts my trial for the product "Nitor" by At Large Nutrition At Large Nutrition - Nitor - The Ultimate Fat Burner Stats - Female Weight - 137 (up 5 lbs from this last weekend of not being good) ;) Height 5' 4" A little history... I am a "pre-workout drink" junkie... I'll try...
  3. katt

    Protein Percentage?

    This may be an already answered question, but I couldn't find it in searching this forum. Intake of 1 to 1 1/2 grms of protein per LBM or body weight??? Thanks!
  4. katt

    Calorie Cycling on a Cut

    This has probably been brought up a gazillion times but.... What do you think of calorie cycling while on a cut? In the past, I have stuck with the 50/30/20 and had a cheat meal once a week and a higher complex carb ratio on weight days, which worked ok for me. I have recently read an...
  5. katt

    Pro Bodybuilding photos (female)

    I realize that a majority of the people here are male and appreciate the fitness/figure photos...... but,, could we have a thread for Pro Bodybuilding photos (female) also?? Some of us may want to look at them ;)
  6. katt

    Happy Birthday Brutus_g!!

    Happy 18th!!! :hot::bounce2::jacks::dancer::banana::hello:rocker::mooh::mooh: I'm calling out all the smilies for this thread!!
  7. katt

    Adult Only Resorts - Caribbean Islands

    Anyone here have any experiences in the 'adult only' resorts in any of the caribbean Islands? The other half & I want to go to a nice place for our 10th anniv. next year, stay in a place that has no kids, and I have researched Ibiza (my first choice) but the plane fare is expensive!!! I...
  8. katt

    10 day pack for Hunting

    Here???s the deal ??? we are going on a 10 day hunting trip soon. We take two coolers ??? one for frozen items & one for just cheese, condiments & refrigerated items. Being more into the diet now than last year, I am wondering if there is a way I can rethink my choices for food. Granted, we...
  9. katt

    Do women need pct??

    Someone just mentioned this to me and I have no idea?? Anyone?
  10. katt

    What happened to Baker Boy??

    Did he leave us??? :bawling:
  11. katt

    Got Supps???

    I know this has been posted a while ago... but it's always worth a second shot. what's in your supplement cabinet??? We need pics - hopefully my pic is large enough
  12. katt

    Why do People Cheat?

    This is either for the married or in a relationship - although it's not really the same...sorta, kinda. I, myself would never ever think about doing this to my partner....:finger: It seems like its a little more "accepted" nowadays. What is your opinion on the subject? Why do you think...
  13. katt

    Willing to try anything once....wtf

    Ok, so new goal, new journal.... three days worth of workouts to post,,, so I say screw it, I'll just start from today.. workouts are push/pull/legs and 3 days cardio per week Supps - Primo & anavar, small doses 5 grams creatine -split before & after wo 5 grams glutamine (I may raise this)...
  14. katt

    Memorial Day Weekend Plans?

    Everyone around here usually goes camping, drinking, etc.... I have no plans - how about you?
  15. katt

    Critical Mass POS

    Critical Mass POS Training. Has anyone watched this dvd? I was out of town this weekend, and on the way back, I watched it. It stressed working the three parts of each muscle, the stretch, the flex and the bulk part of the muscle, and then emphasized the order to work them,,, bulk, stretch...
  16. katt

    First cycle

    Ok so with the help of a PA friend and a website he has used religiously... I have ordered "supps' for my first cycle.... my account has be debited... and now is the waiting game.. Has anyone else here had that "uneasy" feeling the first time you ordered??
  17. katt

    What are you guys doing for Mom?

    Mothers Day is Sunday ! What do you usually do for your mom?
  18. katt

    Primobolan/Clen stack

    ok - so I was reading this article about Primobolan and it was suggested to do a 12 week cycle and add Clen in every other week... Is 12 weeks normal? It seems like a long time to me
  19. katt

    Blasting your legs!

    I'm looking to put size on my legs, in general.. quads mostly.. Currently I'm doing 8-12 reps,,, squats, extensions, ham curls, sldl & regular deads.. What is your opinion on building size? Massive reps? Less reps, more weight? Taking the muscles to failure? Or do you think in general just...
  20. katt


    Ok, so I read this somewhere - maybe here ?? You ability to grow/improve is based on this rule 80% diet 10% training & 10% genetics Do you think this is accurate?? I mean can you really train shitty, and as long as your diet is on track you'll continue to make progress.. I think 10% for...