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  1. naturaltan

    NT - breaking the biker stereotype

    Since being re-introduced to the biker lifestyle, I've noticed that most owners of cruiser style bikes of the bigger size - to each their own. I often get odd looks when I tell people that I ride a monster cruiser. They expect me to be a sport bike type. Nope ... just a cruiser. So to keep up...
  2. naturaltan

    Nt's newest family member ...

  3. naturaltan

    making money ...

    And here is how NT if funding his next trip for those of you who follow poker or know how it's played, essentially, this should have been a split pot - each getting half - but I got very lucky with the river (last card). PokerStars Game #3191220658: Hold'em No Limit ($1/$2) - 2005/11/29 -...
  4. naturaltan

    Oh Shortstuff ...

    How am I supposed to reply to your pm when you have disabled it? :scratch:
  5. naturaltan

    a friend's got your back?

    There are two young guys that hop the fence adjacent to our house. Yesterday, I saw the first guy hop over and thought something came from his mouth. It looked like he was spitting our puppies because they were barking. I bolted from the family room and hopped over the fence. The second guy...
  6. naturaltan


    During a good manners and etiquette class, the teacher says to her students: "If you were courting a well educated young girl from a prominent family and during a dinner for two you needed to go to the toilet, what would you say to her? " Mike replies : Wait a minute, I'm going for a piss...
  7. naturaltan

    What was he thinking?

    I give him props for showing up. :D
  8. naturaltan

    email etiquette

    :lol: http://www.zefrank.com/punc/
  9. naturaltan

    anyone play texas holdem

    I'm looking for a PC version of this popular gambilng game ... anyone know of a good site?
  10. naturaltan

    Happy Birthday JBL!

    Have a good bday Miss Texas Sweetie.
  11. naturaltan

    an offensive PM!

    Oh yeah ... well Pepper, I'm not a f**king jealous loser ... and I can drink more beers than ................ well, then my daughter SO THERE! ;P :hehe: :shhh: .... goga :thumbs:
  12. naturaltan

    a sunny Sunday in Edmonton

    Why do we live here?
  13. naturaltan

    summer is finally here ...

    knock on wood I love the sight I have ... right downtown and get to watch all the ladies in their summer outfits :D And unlike winter we I prefer to get in to work and out as fast as possible by not taking any lunch breaks, in summer, I love to hang out and just watch :mean:
  14. naturaltan

    menu links

    Is it possible to have the menu that currently resides on the top of each page down at the bottom? I've seen a few sites that have the menu on both the top and bottom and I think it makes surfing a site more managable. Just a thought ... :)
  15. naturaltan

    Please tell me us Albertans

    are the only ones that might be getting a little too involved in television programs. A radio station here is having a contrest to host a party this coming Thursday night for the last "Friends" episode. People are supposed to write in and explain why they should be the ones to get the party...
  16. naturaltan

    a pic for my american friends ...

    I just got this in my email this morning ... thought I'd share it with you. :thumb:
  17. naturaltan

    cd ripper

    Does anyone use a reliable cd ripper? Shareware, free, paid for ... any info would be good. I was told the new winamp would do it ... and it does if you buy the s/w but I hate buying software that changes every 2 months with a new upgrade.
  18. naturaltan

    a favour to NT ...

    I have a favour to ask of you people. While in Calgary this past week, I've had the opportunity to chat with this young lady. She is up for hottest bartender with the local paper. In talking to her, she is as funny and down to earth as a bartender can be. I have also during my journeys this...
  19. naturaltan

    ok movie downloaders ...

    I'm looking for the scene in Bad Boys II where Martin Lawrence accidently takes the X pills ... anyone have the movie?
  20. naturaltan

    in retrospect ...

    Welcome I plan to use this journal as a collection of random thoughts/ideas I get throughout 2004. After reading other similar journals, I think it will be interesting to read what happened throughout the year.