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  1. Stacey

    American Idol

    SO Who Do you think Will Win??? Diana Or Fantasia???
  2. Stacey

    How do you get a stain off of Leather:(

    Okay I Need some Help!!:( I Got Eyeliner on my leather seats this morning..and I want it off.. It looks like pen marks:( SOOO FRUSTRATING! I have had this car for one week and I have already messed it up:( Anybody know a good leather cleaner... maybe something that could get off pen marks?? :(...
  3. Stacey

    How do you order supps w/ Paypal

    Hey guys.. I am trying to order my supplements using my paypal account. Do any of you know how to do this? Its asking me for a credit card? What do I do? Thanks
  4. Stacey

    Interview Tips

    Okay I'm going on an interview today and need some advice. The job is for Home sales What are some good questions that are Not Tacky for the first interview??? HELP! Thanks!!!:)
  5. Stacey

    I'm Having Computer Issues-HELP

    Hey If anyone knows anything about computers I need help. My sister gave me her Gateway computer, (she got a new one) and I hooked up with Everyone's Internet.. Spoke with them last night and they walked me through setting it up correctly. My problem is I can't get internet connection!! I have...
  6. Stacey

    Stacey's Trail

    Before & During pregnancy;) -This will be my journal for my journey on getting pregnant. I plan on working out hard, and eating clean, staying lean & muscular. -Also my journal on Doctor's notes, and keeping track of my AF, etc. SO Guys beware. I have been doing a lot of cardio- because I...
  7. Stacey

    Comp Journal-14.5 Weeks Out

    Okay This journal is for my diet and training only!! You guys Know how much I LOVE To chat--sooo lets keep on chatting in my other one! Please!! My Coach's need to see what I'm doing! :) With the help of Dvlmn & Leslie on my diet and workouts HERE I GO~~ :) I am following a modified version...
  8. Stacey

    Stacey's First Competition Journal

    Okay I have decided to Compete:D!! I'm really excited about this because I'm hoping that it will help me get noticed for fitness modeling. Who Knows. But I think this will be fun. I'm starting my journal early because I am going to need A LOT of help preparing for this comp. I have No clue...
  9. Stacey

    Happy Birthday (early) J'bo!!!

    HEY HONEY!! I just wanted to wish you a VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a wonderful time this weekend with your friends & your special honey!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY!!! :kiss::D
  10. Stacey

    Contest Information!

    Hello~ I am trying to find fitness or figure competitions in Texas--but do not know what websites to look up. I looked up the NPC-- and thats all I know of.. HELP Please!! Thanks guys:kiss:
  11. Stacey

    Help with Resume

    Hey guys--does anyone have a copy of their resume that I can look at. I am trying to design mine right now! Help! :) Thanks!!
  12. Stacey

    Happy Birthday Dvlmn!!

    Happy Birthday DVLMN!!!!! I hope your having a WONDERFUL DAY!! YOU TOTALLY DESERVE IT SWEETIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :):D :rocker: :banana: :banana:
  13. Stacey

    GeT FiT

    Okay I'm in too if you guys are still taking aplications :) My weight: 123 height: 5'5 Waist: 22 Bicep: Thighs: Hips: will get the rest later (thursday night at my moms.. using her tape measure) My Goals: Make my ass tight Make my 6 pack show...its gotta be under there...
  14. Stacey

    Firm For Life

    :D FIRM FOR LIFE thats my new journal name! I am starting something different and I needed to start a new journal. Also Since I haven't been able to workout in 4 weeks- I needed something to motivate me more! My meals will be rotating carbs. Low/med/high carb days. Seems to work great for...
  15. Stacey

    What Kind Of Deodarant do U Use??

    Okay I know this is a weird question...but I'm sick of this problem.... My deodarant either Overpowers My Purfume/body splash's... or just don't work tooo well by the end of the day.. I don't stink by no means.. just I HATE smelling my deodarant.. with some of the ones I have tried though..by...
  16. Stacey

    Stacey's Cutting Journal

    Okay Jenny talked me into this!!! :) I want to cut with you guys also, I have been on my doing the.. (low carb/ high fat/ high protein)Now I am on a mod fat, still low carb, and a high protein (try for 35g. at each meal..)~~& following a lot of the journals in this section and getting great...
  17. Stacey

    Staying Lean II

    Okay.. starting my new journal..finally. The other one was too damn long! I am on a new kick lately with Running/jogging to get my legs super lean/ muscular.. soooo I guess this is a good time to start one! :) Also, Its a New year for me..since I turned 23 years old yesterday..sooo I am sitting...
  18. Stacey

    Staying Lean! :)

    Okay I am also switching from MM.COM to here. This site is soo much faster!! :) And all my buddies came here too...so I gotta follow the crowd! If ya don't know me..here's all about me.... I have been working out consecutively (however you spell that) since I was 16-- I am 22 now..and I have...