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  1. PreMier

    Petrobras gets permit for U.S. deep waters

    obama gives brazilian company petrobras permission to drill but keeps AMERICAN drillers out of work! this is old news but maybe this has something to do with his vaca to brazil...with everything that's going on in the world...obama HAD to go to brazil? sad thing is he isnt incompetent he is...
  2. PreMier

    If government shuts down, so would troop pay

    If government shuts down, so would troop pay - Air Force News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Air Force Times ???All military personnel will continue in normal duty status regardless of their affiliation with exempt or non-exempt activities,??? says the draft planning guidance that was...
  3. PreMier

    Agent: ATF partly to blame for Mexico violence

    thoughts? Agent: ATF partly to blame for Mexico violence - CBS News Video
  4. PreMier

    G.I. JOE TRAILER (f^ck transformers)

    this is going to be bad ass. the first transformers was cool, but disappointing. this will be the shit. xKVqPzm134U
  5. PreMier

    the youth are about to be screwed

    opxuUj6vFa4 This video shows Obama's cabinet member Robert Reich saying that construction jobs should not be given to white males. comments?
  6. PreMier


    how long are fish caps good for? i have a huge jug, that i have had for a long time (2+yrs), and there is no expiration date on them. think they are still good? they have always been stored in a dark cool place (below 70*)
  7. PreMier

    where is chobby192 from?

    i think its been established that due to his grammar, english is not his first language. that means he is most likely from a different country. doms brought the question up, but he didnt answer(i dont think he saw it?). anyway place you vote on where he is from!
  8. PreMier

    friends mom needs help (fullbody)

    so my friends mom needs dome help working out.. her kids got her a nutritionist for christmas (where they plan all her macros and meals), so that part is taken care of. but she has never really worked out. she doesnt have a lot of money so a pt is out of the question.. anyway i told her i...
  9. PreMier

    friend has cancer..

    my friend is dying of cancer... this is a sad day. he lost all his hair already, here he is..
  10. PreMier

    any here in/was in the military?

    just curious if any of our members have served in the military and what branch :)
  11. PreMier

    error message

    Fatal error: Cannot use assign-op operators with overloaded objects nor string offsets in /home/admin/public_html/profile.php(2831) : eval()'d code on line 1 i get that message when i try and view my attachments
  12. PreMier

    calorie dense foods

    whats the most calorie dense foods? i know its something with high fat content, but im looking for something somewhat healthy, like peanut butter etc
  13. PreMier

    Pork vs. Beef, the common misconception

    so i post on another board :shhh: and got talking to people about pork vs beef. not to mention all the people i see here on IM saying "avoid pork!". i want to make a statement that pork is very similar if not BETTER than beef ;) im going to post what was said at 'the other place' because it...
  14. PreMier

    protein deals?

    this might be the wrong place to ask, if so move it.. does anyone know of any good deals on protein right now?
  15. PreMier

    max gxl glutathione accelerator

    so a friend of mine at work swears by this product. i have enough to last me for a week and i told him i would provide feedback and a small log on my thoughts. here is a link to the website: Max International mostly i will be judging these areas note: this will be a completely unbiased...
  16. PreMier

    where is vieope

    have you seen him? :spin:
  17. PreMier

    Adrenalean Log/Review

    ok, so im testing the new fat burner from DS. i will keep an updated log here, and provide my feedback. depending on the dosage i use, i will be testing this out for about a month give or take a few days. all stats will be posted later today, as well as a first day review. oh, and please...
  18. PreMier

    mass postings(prince)

    whats up with all the mass postings ever since the vb update? am i the only one this bugs? :shrug:
  19. PreMier


    does anyone have the links to tri-phase progressive training? i could only find the first one on mind and muscle.. the 2nd and 3rd article is what im looking for, thanks!
  20. PreMier

    whack forums! and reasons to love IM

    post your whack forums here. im posting Marunde-Muscle ::-:: Personal Training as the whackest fucking forum i have ever been to. it didnt used to be that way, but as a lot of people know jesse marunde died. well now that he is gone, its ran like a fucking regime. here is a PM i sent to one...