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    about to run out of hgh

    my question is i am about to run out off hgh which i am kinda ready for a brake any way but the problem being it is about to be summer the time when i want to look my best be cutt have abs etc.what happens when you come off of hgh do you loose a little water weight and look better for a while...
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    any reviews recent on gr ansomone hgh

    as the title says is this hgh any good right now? ansomone
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    should i buy more gears or just hgh

    ok i am a long time vet in this game but i have a question it has gotten to the point were to keep my size and the look i want year around it is costing a lot and i am getting tired of pinning and have a ton of scare tissue.my goals are to keep my size and stay cut and ripped. which i know how...
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    how much bpc157 and tb500 will i need?

    ok so i have a hurt shoulder i am wanting to try bpc157 or tb500 or maybe both.which one is better or is it best to stack them both? and all so how many vials will i need say they come in 5mg vial.thanks
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    why dont more people use and talk about formestane as a ai

    from what i read formestane which i know very little about which is the point of this post to learn.everything to me sounds like it would make a good ai but you never here of people using it why not?
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    how to dose igf-lr3 with cjc with dac and ipam

    ok so i want to use igf-lr3 and cjc with dac and ipam. can i pin all 3 at on time after work outs i am pinning the igf ed after work out and off on non workout days now. since igf-lr3 and cjc w dac are both long version it really would not matter right the only thing short is the ipam right.
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    how to use a tri tren blend

    i have a bottle of tri- tren which means it is got tren ace and tren e and tren h so mainly long ester but it does have 50 mg of ace.i do not like to pin a lot.would i be able to pin this twice a week like i would tren e or would the ace in it cause me problems doing it like that? i have ran...
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    which one would you choose if you were me

    i can only afford either test e and pharma grade hgh. or rips hgh and a full cycle . so basically if you could afford just one or the other would it be hgh or gear not counting test it will be ran no matter what? my goals is to cut up and get ripped i have good size just want to be more...
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    is it ok to mix hgh and peps into same pin

    am I hurting my results by mixing and dosing my hgh and my cjc no dac and ipam and sometimes even a little mt2 at the same time. I only dose once a day after workouts. I am getting pretty damn good results to be honest but could I be getting better? please no flaming I am asking because I am...
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    how long before i notice any thing from follistatin-344

    hey guys I took a gamble and bought some follistatin from pp it was high dollar stuff. this is my 2nd day so far and I have not notice nothing at all I know that it is really early. I did do my first pin sub -q before i found out I need to do im inj. how soon should I notice something...
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    z took care of me and beyond what he had to

    just wanted to thank z and osl I placed a order and every thing came safely and was great. but a couple of vials the rubber stopper leaked.so z sent me some new ones and some free anavar . what he sent me came intl fast and safe and the gear is great looking clear like water ep brand has all...
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    will be loging igf1-lr3 for hard core peptides

    I would like to thank hard core pep for letting me log this for them. but before I start I do have questions this is my first time researching any thing like this.so what dose should be used I was only sent 2 vials so a total of 2mg. I have heard some dose it at 150mcg but that would only give...
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    placed order hoping it like the old days

    man just placed order with z I have used z many times with great results but that was a while ago .i hope things are still as good as they were then. was a very large order for me. i am worried again like a noobie ep brand has all ways been my fav. i will update and log what I run and how it all...
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    35 year old just found out have bad heart dr said because of steriods

    my life just change today i have allways worked out took care of my self.i knew there were risk in taking steriods but idk what to do i am so upset.i have no family histroy of any heart trouble and i am the healthy one in the family.but i have been on steriods for so long and now i have to stop...
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    my log for osta-gain mk-2866

    i will be loging mk-2866 for osta -gain.my info is i am 35 years old 5-9 arround 215-220 ilbs bf probally at 14%.hoping to cutt up and get to maybe 10-12 % bf by summer beach time.today was my first dose 30mg all at once .nothing to report yet.i will update this daily.thanks again to osta-gain.
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    anbody else having problems with there stuff frezing while in mail

    hey i got my order of stuff from osta-gain but we had a cold spell here and some of my stuff froze.it was just my research stuff the peps were fine but my liquid research stuff was solid.
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    summer cutting cycle help me make my mind up please.

    test,tren and mast vs test,tren and winny vs test tren and anavar.i am wanting to loose fat and get cutt for summer i am 35 years old been working out for 20 years just gym rat.i have done several cycles and i dont come off i cruise and blast.i am about 5ft 8 arround 215 ilbs idk bf i have...
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    gw-501516 is giving me a killer headache

    hey i got some gw from pp this is my 2 day of only 5mg a day in the am and both days my head is killing me.should i lower my dose or what can i do.i mean if i dont find some way to make my head stop hurting i will have to stop taking this a waste of 100 bucks. that would suck.thanks for any help.
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    will be loging sustain alpha along with my test and tren ace cycle

    will be keeping a log on the results i get from sustain alpha gel suppose to help with tren side effects.i love tren and the results i get but allways get all the mental side effects that come along with it.so if this help with that i will be one happy camper.i have everything to get started but...
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    help me layout my next cycle.

    hey guys i was wanting some input on a cycle i am thinking of running next.i am 35 years old 220-225 ilbs bf idk probally 12%.i have been lifting for over 20 years off and on i have ran idk like 5 cycles over the years my last cycle was the best ever so i was thinking of running a simliar...