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  1. J

    Anabolic Body made it right

    Just a thread to let all know that AB made good on my order as he said he would. IMO he got a bad rap from several members. I will post results as I go along with my cylcle. I really believe he got screwed by suppliers also and from reading many posts hes not the only one who has had a bad...
  2. J


    I am working a 4 day split routine. Monday Push or Chest, Shoulders, Triceps heavy weight low reps. Tuesday Pull or Legs, Back, Biceps, heavy weight. Wednesday Cardio. Thursday repeat Push at lower weights higher reps. And Friday repeat Pull at lower weight higher reps. Saturday Cardio...
  3. J

    Fast weight loss

    Looking for a proven diet to follow to lose about 40 pounds fast. While building muscle. Im 40 years old just starting a workout routing and weigh 270 pounds at 6' 3. I want to lose so I can begin with some gear. I know proteins such as tuna help burn but if anyone has a meal plan that has...
  4. J

    Get started

    I am new to the site so I hope I am posting in the right spot. I am 6' 3 and weigh 265. I want to get started on a cycle and would like some recommendations on what to start out with my first time.
  5. J


    My name is Jeff and I am new to the site. I am ready and fired up about getting pumped. I had back surgery in Nov. and need to build muscles around the work done. So I need all the guidance and help I can get...