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  1. my pics

    my pics

    my pics
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    Cholesterol levels

    she probably right.
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    International Anabolics Test E

    I got some gigatest test 600 coming from them i hope it not pain full. i all so have test c 300 and test e 300 along with tren e and tri-tren and mast e ,npp and var well i hope it get here slow so far.if painfull i don't have any thing to cut with besides more gear.i think i will be fine the...
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    yes dummy use your hgh or better yet don't and send it to me . water weight is norm it goes away and so will the fat.
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    New stack help

    people say what they want maybe I am lucky but I can take one vial of tren it can be tren e ace or tri tren 1 10ml vial .along with my other stuff low dose test mast var etc and I get hella results.i think the key is to stay looking pretty good close to that look you want then you can or I can...
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    I like igflr3 once a day pin I only pin on work out days after wk.
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    Incredible christmas sale! Get up to 700$ bonus!

    so if I order 700 dollars worth I get 700 dollars worth free so pretty much I can order a cycle and get 2 cycle worth. sounds to good to be true .I need to place a order about 700 dollars worth I have been looking for a new home since Paxton went scammer.i might have to pull the trigger on this.
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    50ml Test E / Logging opportunity - Apply within

    I know this is old but I would love to try and log some of this brand and company I am looking for a new home I am a vet that order lots .
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    Who to choose?! Yikes.

    prob there is you pay wu and shipping every time it adds up if you order from 3 4 diff places.
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    Getting better...

    vic and I have all ways been tight on here I hope you keep getting better my friend
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    Switched from adex to aromasin and WOW.

    me too I have all ways used aromasin loved it buddy all ways used adex so when I bought his bottle for him they had a buy 1 get one free so I used the free bottle just never felt right he likes it but he only dose trt from dr and takes on dropper full one time a week of adex idk why but it works...
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    Growt question

    npp and igflr3 works best for me hgh does help I have only used rips and gray tops myself they were good for me.
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    Uncle z

    I know back in the day he was the titts I have used a lot of his gear but it has been a couple years now but back 2011 thru like 2013 or so best there was.
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    Anavar question

    I tried it said image was to big lol srry
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    Anavar question

    farva don't be mad because I am bigger than you and have a big dick.i am sure those guys you fuck mean it when they call your's cute.
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    Next 5 days only vip order offer buy 2 get 3 free- receive 5!

    I can not get on your site
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    Anavar question

    I have all ways run mine like that morning and preworkout I have never gotten bunk var some might have been under dosed but .and all mine came sponsor from here I would love to be able to try wp var but for a mans dose it would cost a couple grand.
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    T3 dosage

    I take mine in the morning .and yes anavar is the shit my fav but you pay out the nose and hard to find real. test,mast,tren and var I look like a greak god with no dieating no cardio .if you can not look good on that cycle just pull the trigger .
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    T3 dosage

    I use cheap rc stuff so probably under dosed it like 15 bucks for a bottle so I use 100 mcg ed and just added t4 at a high dose all so I take it while on a good amount of gear and hgh.work great but I feel nothing at all no matter how much I take can not tell if taken any or not besides I lose...
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    Adding proviron to bulk?

    I like masteron better myself but I want to give prov another shot I think they pretty much do the same thing idk for sure.i got to make sure to get some prov on my next order.